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Your New Smile Could Be Here In Six Months

  • August 1, 2016

Holly* is so happy.

Seven months ago she decided to do something about her crooked smile. It had bothered her for years, and she finally reached a point where she was not feeling sorry for herself anymore.

Instead, she was going to be proactive and take a positive approach. She would find a way to give herself a smile that she was proud to share, wherever she was and no matter who she was talking to.

Her journey started with a visit to Holly Dental Care in Holly, MI, where the dentist told her about Six-Month Smiles.

* Not a real person, although her situation may be similar to someone you know.

Braces That Work In Six Months?

You read that right.

We understand if you might be skeptical of this claim. More than likely you have known someone — you may even be someone — who wore braces when you were younger.

You may have worn them for two years or more. The idea of finishing your orthodontic treatment in six months might sound ludicrous to you.

If that is your initial reaction, that is OK. We also hope you will continue reading so you can understand why and how Six-Month Smiles are different than traditional braces.

How They Are Same

The similarities between Six-Month Smiles and traditional braces are hard to ignore.

Both use brackets. Both uses wires.

Both can and do move your teeth.

Does Six-Month Smiles use special wires or technologically superior brackets? Not really.

Nevertheless, this system can fix many basic alignment issues. Six-Month Smiles has successfully closed gaps between teeth.

It has straightened crooked teeth, and it had corrected crowded teeth. It’s even fixed some overbites.

Why Six-Month Smiles Are Different

There are multiple reasons why patients get braces and why dentists recommend them.

But the primary reason is that people want their smiles to look nice. In most cases, braces can and do make this happen in two or three years.

We understand that you may not want to wait that long if you are an adult patient who is seeking orthodontic care. You want results, and you want them in as little time as possible.

You may not have any interest in the other benefits of braces. You are focused on one goal. That goal is improving the appearance of your smile.

Six-Month Smiles share your goal. To help you accomplish that, it has a slightly different focus than traditional braces.

How Six-Month Smiles Live Up To Their Name

The best way to explain this is to get you to either look in a mirror or look at a recent photo in which you are smiling with your teeth showing. (If you need to take a “selfie” now, we will wait.)

What did you see? Or rather, what didn’t you see in your smile?

When most people smile, you only see a handful of teeth in the front of their mouths. You don’t see your molars, which are the bigger, blockier teeth in the back of your mouth.

Molars do serve and extremely important purpose by letting you grind up your food. Even so, your molars have very little impact on your smile.

Instead of trying to move all your teeth (including your molars), Six-Month Smiles moves the teeth in the front of your mouth.

If you look at teeth closely, you’ll notice they are smaller than your molars. Understandably, this also makes them lighter and easier to move.

Six-Months Smiles can be applied to your front teeth to get them moving to the locations where they will improve your smile.

This focused approach combined with the relative size of these teeth make it possible to give you a visually more appealing smile in less time.

A Happier, More Confident You

When you are finished with your Six-Month Smiles treatment, you may notice that you start to smile more. When you aren’t ashamed of your teeth, you feel more comfortable letting other people see them.

This may help when you get called in for a job interview. This may help if you are trying to get up the nerve to ask someone out or to accept a date offer. Or, this may help you feel more relaxed whenever you are meeting someone for the first time.

If you would like to find out if Six-Month Smiles could work for you, then we would encourage you to make an appointment with one of our dentists in Holly, MI.

You can contact Holly Dental Care by calling 877-321-1933 or by filling out our online form.