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You Don’t Have To Wait Around To Get A Better Smile!

  • April 15, 2016

Welcome to the Holly Dental Care blog! We are glad that you found our online home and we hope to see you real soon at our Holly, Michigan dental practice.

If you are embarrassed about the shape, spacing, or placement of your teeth, we can help you get a better smile with an adult orthodontics treatment program. Don’t worry, this won’t be anything like the ones your friends endured back in the day. We actually have a wonderful new method for transforming teeth, it’s called Six Month Smiles.

Six Month Smiles is different than regular orthodontics in that, for one thing, the time frame is abbreviated. You won’t be saddled with braces for a long period of time. It goes without saying that most adults don’t want to be in braces for one, two, or even three years. Maybe you can relate?

Plus, in most cases, we aren’t even correcting major bite discrepancies like you would do for a child. This is because usually, by the time you are an adult, you are getting along fine with your bite.

As conscientious dentists, we always offer comprehensive orthodontics for the first choice. But for those who say, “I really don’t want to go with the standard braces,” then we can offer this option, like we are doing for you right now!

In only a matter of mere months, you will be able to correct the issues that have been bothering you most of your life. And you will get a much-needed boost in confidence, sociability, and happiness.

Six Month Smiles Makes It Easy

We understand why adults are apprehensive about orthodontic solutions. The whole process of wearing braces has earned a bad reputation, even though this method of treatment has helped millions of Americans improve their lives for many decades now.

The thing is: you are never too old to get the smile you deserve. And the options for improvement have gotten better at the dentist’s office since the things you saw others go through back in your middle school days. Modern orthodontic solutions can be fast and decidedly subtle.

Honestly, short-term orthodontics can now improve your situation in a fraction of the time you would expect. What used to take 2-3 years now happens in about 180 days for most patients.

How do we do it? Six Month Smiles uses nearly invisible brackets and tooth-colored wires to gently and quickly move your teeth to their preferred positions, making sure that no one will know about the work being done in your mouth!

To get the ball rolling, schedule your consultation. During that meeting we will determine if this treatment is right for you and we will go over the process in more detail. Why not start today?

Let’s Do This!

Six Month Smiles is a convenient way for adults to transform their look. This method is as effective as traditional braces and as discreet as Invisalign trays. And it is a more affordable option!

Contact our Holly Dental Care team today to make it happen!