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Working Through Dental Anxiety In Holly

  • May 24, 2016

Welcome to the Holly Dental Care blog!

We are the gentle dental crew in Holly, Michigan, which is to say that our team provides top-notch care in a safe and comfortable environment. You should really come see for yourself, but if you suffer from any level of dental anxiety, we know that it won’t be easy for you to make that call. Still, we want you to know that we understand where you are coming from, and we promise to go easy on you!

Here’s the thing: by not addressing your oral health needs now, you will only be making your problems more unpleasant and expensive for us to take care of later. And, we can assure you, your problems won’t just go away on their own. You’ll want to have a dentist in your corner that you can trust to take care of your ever-changing needs.

The Care You Need

We can actually do quite a lot to keep your mouth clean and your smile looking great.

Our professional cleanings can help you keep plaque and tartar from creating unhealthy situations in your mouth and elsewhere. Beyond that, you deserve to know if any gum disease or cavities are present so that these things can be treated quickly and painlessly.

And since some things can actually kill you if they aren’t caught early, you won’t want to go too awful long without an oral cancer screening.

We probably aren’t telling you anything you don’t already know. But the fact remains, your fear is real and is getting in the way of your oral health.

Well, we have some good news for you. In addition to our standard comfort options, and friendly approach to service, we can also put you at ease with one of our sedation dentistry techniques.

Sedation Dentistry Can Save Your Health

At Holly Dental Care, we can set you up with sedation whenever you need to undergo an invasive procedure or work through your fear of the dentist. There are three types of sedation that can deliver relaxation for you:

Inhalation Sedation: This type of sedation is the most frequently used of the three. It involves the use of nitrous oxide (aka: laughing gas) to normalize your bodily functions and relax you for the dental treatment.

Oral Sedation: If your treatment is non-invasive and you only have mild dental fear, you may opt for an orally administered form of sedation. We will give you a pill that you have to take prior to your operation. And you will need to find a ride home!

Intravenous Sedation: If your treatment is invasive or you have severe dental fear, you can count on this intravenous sedation to make things easier for you. This form of sedation is administered by injecting the sedative into your bloodstream. The result is immediate and you will relax almost instantly.

Take Back Your Health Today!

Oral health is too important to leave to chance. And sedation dentistry makes it easy to get the care you deserve. Contact us today to schedule your next preventive dentistry session in Holly, Michigan!