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Whitening for the Toughest Cases

  • November 10, 2014

When your tooth color has morphed into something that you are ashamed of, you are sure to feel it every time you smile. The embarrassment of deeply stained teeth does not go away, even when you come to the dentist. You might wonder how it happened, and assume that everyone around you is bothered by the color of your smile as well. The real problem comes when you try all of the whitening methods you can think of and still don’t see any results.

Some patients have tried at-home, in-office whitening, and every old wive’s tale they can find on the internet and still don’t see the results they would like. In cases like this, you need a stronger form of whitening that will clean deep into your teeth. You need a deep bleaching technique called KöR Deep Bleaching system.

The Power of KöR

In cases of deep staining, the cause is often tetracycline staining, which comes from the use of antibiotics. We also see deep staining due to years of using tobacco products. KöR has the ability to remove these deep stains in just a few sessions of cleaning. KöR has the ability to improve the shade of your teeth by 16 shades, but we will simply whiten until you are content with the look of your smile.

Don’t spend another day of feeling ashamed by the color of your teeth. Feel confident when you smile by removing the deep stains that have plagued you for years. Contact us today to set up a consultation where we can discuss your options for whitening. We would love to help you meet your smile goals!

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