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What Light Assisted Cavity Detection Means For You

  • July 28, 2016

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Around here, we take a creative and dynamic approach to the work that we do, which means that we strive to keep up with the most recent advancements in dental technology.

That said, we are always looking for the human factor too. That is to say, we routinely ask ourselves how investing in any particular tool will directly help you, the patient, to have a better treatment experience while you are entrusted to our care.

Along those lines, we are proud to report that we have just made some important investments in Light Assisted Cavity Detection devices that we think will pay off big-time as far as optimizing your oral health goes.

What’s The Big Deal?

It is no secret that we are in the business of helping you prevent disease and decay so that your mouth will remain clean and your smile will keep looking great all through life. As such, it has been frustrating for us to have to accept the inherent limitations in the diagnostic tools that were long-available for the detection of certain types of cavities.

It bothered us because these limitations sometimes resulted in the missed diagnosis of cavities as well as false positives (inadvertent diagnosis of cavities that actually did not exist). Obviously, that was not good for anyone.

Here’s the problem: A cavity’s entry point may be difficult or impossible to detect with old school exam protocols. That’s because cavities can start spreading without exhibiting any recognizable manifestations on your outer layer of tooth enamel. That was what made it so challenging to spot them with the conventional tools that were the standard in not-so-long-ago eras of dentistry, and this where the new cavity detectors are most helpful.

We can assure you that was not just a problem for us professionals, that was a real problem for you too. Think about it: when we weren’t able to properly diagnose an existing cavity, this meant that you missed out on the best possible route for treatment (a dental filling), and might have been subjected to a less conservative measure (i.e. a root canal or extraction), depending on how long it was before you came back to see us.

These realities were just part of the deal for many years. However, things have gotten a whole lot better of late.

That’s because we have recently purchased additional cavity detection instruments that employ some of the latest and greatest dental technologies currently on the market.

We Can Finally Shed Some Light On The Issue Of Decay

These new and improved diagnostic tools utilize a laser or LED-based spectroscopy.

They are often referred to as a “Doppler Radar” type of cavity detection, and much like the way the true Doppler tools track impending weather in Michigan, these devices can give us a better forecast of any emerging causes for concern in your mouth.

Here’s how it works: During your preventive exam, “the wand” is simply inserted into your mouth and over your tooth to allow us to get a good reading from the inside out. With this method, there will be no no poking and prodding or scratching of the tooth surface involved. Instead the so-called “Dental Doppler” unit communicates the results to us through an alarm-like signal and a printout of any cavities along with their specific sizes.

This will benefit you by allowing us to find the most common types of cavities earlier than ever before, thereby allowing for minimal cavity repairs that are easier on you and your pocketbook.

Come See For Yourself!

Now that we have Light Assisted Cavity Detection at our disposal, we will put this technology to work for you during your next teeth cleaning, oral exam and cancer screening appointment. Contact Holly Dental Care today to schedule your next preventive visit. We’ll give you plenty to smile about!