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Three Ways We Make Returning to the Dentist a Bit Easier

  • September 1, 2014

How long has it been since you were in the dental office? Months? Years? Decades? If you’re at the years or decade mark, we realize that it’s difficult to get back in the groove of going every six months, but the benefits far outweigh the hassle. We try to make that first trip back as easy as possible with these three things that are sure to make you feel more at ease.

Sedation – For patients who struggle with fear and anxiety, we make that first visit back easier with our availability of sedation dentistry. We offer three types of sedation so that even the most terrified patient can feel completely relaxed during a cleaning or major procedure.

Patient-Centered Hours – We know it’s difficult to get time off work or find time in your busy schedule, which is why we offer convenient hours. Three nights a week, we are here until 8PM. We are also open on Saturdays until 2PM.

New Patient Offers – We make things extra special for new patients through our new patient deals. We offer discounted cleanings, whitening, or $100 to put wherever you need! We try to take the sting out of that first appointment.

We know it’s difficult to come back to the dental office after a long period of time. Making that decision for yourself is a big deal, so we try to make things easy for you! Contact us today to set up a convenient appointment. We can’t wait to show you how dentistry has changed since you were last in an office!


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