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This Dentist Is Known, Trusted, & Accomplished In Holly, MI!

Holly, MI Dentist - Holly Dental Care
  • October 26, 2016

Accomplished oral health care professionals who are known in the community at large and trusted by patients in Holly, MI. That’s what you get when you put Dr. Hunter in charge of your smile! And since you won’t find that at every practice, we thought we’d use today’s post to tell you more about what we can do for you! Keep reading and then be sure to get in touch with our team to schedule your next appointment at Holly Dental Care.

Individualized Treatment

What makes us special? Well, for starters we have a warm atmosphere, and a knowledgeable and friendly team. Plus, a compassionate dentist like Dr. Hunter can make you feel more comfortable about keeping up with your regular dental exams and professional teeth cleanings.

In addition to creating a welcoming environment, we will work reduce or eliminate your fear or anxiety with sedation. Sedation dentistry is something we are pleased to provide to our patients who need a little extra help getting situated in our office.

All that is to say that we listen to your needs and we pay attention to all the details that matter when it comes to giving you the individualized treatment you deserve.

We Treat You Like Family

Around here, we really do treat you like family–in a good way! That means we won’t try to sell you any services you don’t need, and we will keep your best interest at heart.

We aren’t a pediatric dentist’s office per se, but kids are very important to us at Holly Dental Care! We think that hygiene habits and comfort with the dentist are things that have to start young.

Many parents have their own ideas when it comes to their children’s care. That’s fine with us. We’ll leave it up to you. Ut we will be here when you are ready. We can start seeing children around the age of two. No matter when they start, we want to get them used to the experience as early as possible, so that they won’t have any anxiety issues the rest of their life.

At Holly Dental Care, we try to deliver a fun and relaxing atmosphere for children. We also make sure that your kids grow up without dental fears or anxieties that might inhibit them later in life.

No Guilt, No Lectures

Look, what’s done is done. Let’s focus on the future of your smile. There is so much we can do to get you back on track without giving you any lectures. You can rest assured that at Holly Dental Care, we are a no-pressure, guilt-free office that is always available to candidly discuss your concerns and needs related to your oral health.

New Technology

The off-putting sounds and smells of the dental drill have caused anxiety in patients for far too long. That’s why the dental drill has been banned from use in our office.

So that we can provide a more pleasant dental experience, Dr. Hunter has invested in the latest and greatest equipment and technologies. Rather than using drills and needles, we accomplish the same things through gentle air abrasion. We can also detect cavities with a light-assisted system that we’ll tell you all about when you arrive for your next appointment.

Let Our Team Save Your Smile!

Contact us to get a healthier, better-looking smile! Call 877-321-1933 to make your next appointment at Holly Dental Care, and we’ll make it easy!