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The Ultimate Dental Care Tool: Your Toothbrush!

  • July 9, 2015

Home oral health care is one of the most important practices of a genreally healthy lifestyle. The state of your teeth and gums has an effect on both your physical and emotional health. So if you want to get the most out of your life, you need to make sure you are practicing healthy oral hygiene routines, as well as using the right tools.

The most important tool in your dental care regimen is your toothbrush. Nothing else is as effective at keeping your teeth and gums free from bacteria and other oral health threats. But how much effort do you put into choosing the right toothbrush?

Here at Holly Dental Care, we want to make sure you know what to look for when selecting the most important oral health tool there is. The number of choices available when choosing a toothbrush can be overwhelming, so let’s take a moment to go over what you truly need to know in order to pick the right toothbrush.

Factors In Choosing an Effective Toothbrush

Size – The important thing when choosing the size of your toothbrush is to find one that is big enough to provide efficient coverage of your teeth and gums, but is also small enough to move easily around the inside of your mouth and get to the molars in the back of your mouth. For the average adult, this means you want a toothbrush head that is roughly half an inch across and a full inch long.

This is only a guideline, as you may have a smaller or larger mouth. So if you feel your toothbrush isn’t working as well as it should, you might need a different size.

The length of your toothbrush handle is another factor to consider, but the criteria for an effective handle is fairly simple. All you need is a handle that is long enough to provide a solid grip, so that you can easily control the toothbrush while scrubbing your teeth.

Beware a toothbrush that is too long because it will make you more likely to injure your mouth or accidently trigger your gag reflex. And a handle that is too short will be difficult to control

Bristle Strength – When it comes to toothbrush bristles, a soft bristle brush is the way to go. Soft bristles will allow you to brush fairly vigorously without damaging your teeth and gums. That is the problem with medium and hard bristles, they can wear away tooth enamel and scrape your gums.

Only in cases of unusual plaque and tartar build up might you need a firmer bristle, but before choosing such a toothbrush, consult with the experts at Holly Dental Care. We will help you choose a toothbrush that will clean your teeth without damaging them.

How Helpful Is an Electric Toothbrush?

Electric toothbrushes provide extra brushing power with spinning or vibrating bristles. But are they any more effective at protect your oral health than an old fashioned manual toothbrush? According to multiple studies, there is no evidence to suggest that is the case. Essentially, there is no difference between the cleaning effects of an electric toothbrush versus a manual one. So it is simply a matter of preference.

There is one exception to this, however. If the mobility of your hands are limited by arthritis or some sort of injury, then an electric toothbrush may be very helpful in getting your teeth clean.

Holly Dental Care Can Help!

Be sure to make regular visits to our office in Holly, MI, where we can help you make dental health care decisions, like what toothbrush is right for you. We can also help you maintain your oral health with thorough cleanings and detailed examinations. Visiting Holly Dental Care a couple of times a year, along with diligent home oral health care, will keep you teeth healthy and clean, so your smile will be beautiful.

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