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The Important Role of the Humble Filling

  • November 14, 2014

Just about every person walking along beside you in the grocery or working in the next cube over has at least one filling. Even children are walking around with fillings in their teeth, sometimes before they have lost their baby teeth! Research shows that 80% of Americans have at least one filling by the time they graduate high school, but the vast majority of those students have more than just one. With so many fillings out there, you would think that our patients would have a better understanding of the purpose behind a filling. Today, we would like to make sure that you do!

What’s Going On
To understand a filling, you have to understand the cause: a cavity. A cavity is formed when bacteria in your mouth feed on leftover food particles. This produces acid. That acid then eats through your tooth enamel, creating a weak area in your tooth that continues to grow until there is a cavity of decayed tooth enamel. If left untreated, that cavity will grow until the tooth can no longer support itself and is lost.

How to Treat
In order to treat a filling, we have to complete two steps. The first is to remove the area of decay. We use a comfortable procedure to remove the tooth enamel that has been damaged. From there, we fill the empty space with composite resin, which is a filling material. The material takes the shape of your tooth, and creates a strong restoration for the missing area. Your tooth is back to it’s normal function, and it looks great!

Getting a filling is so common that we often don’t think about the true power behind that little procedure. Without a filling, most of us would have lost several teeth by now! Contact us today to learn more, and set up your next appointment with us. We would love to see you soon!

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