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The Cost of Dental Care Just Got Easier

  • April 9, 2015

Generally there is one of two things keeping someone from coming into the office. For most patients, it is fear, but not all fear looks the same. Fear of pain is very common, but so is a fear of cost. We understand, no one wants to walk into the dental office and walk out with a large bill, but sometimes that’s what happens, especially for patients who haven’t been in the office for quite a while.

If every person who needed care could walk into the office and write a check for their work, we would see many, many more patients coming into the office and leaving with the dental care they need. Unfortunately, that’s not the way things often go.

We see patients almost every day who are in need of care but feel like they have to refuse the care because they know they won’t be able to afford the bill. This is a heart-breaking situation for us! This is one reason why we offer something different for our patients: in-house financing!

Affording Dental Care is Difficult

We know that being able to afford dental care is a luxury for some patients. Dental insurance might not be an option for your family, so you have to find other ways to take care of your oral health needs. We are happy to help with this process. Not only can we help you through our in-house financing program, but we can also help you navigate your dental insurance to be sure you are getting all that you are entitled to! Let’s take a look at these things together.

Maximizing Dental Insurance

If you are able to carry dental insurance, there are some tricks to making it work for you! This isn’t like car or home insurance that protect you from emergencies. Dental insurance is there as a tool, and we want to see you use it to its full advantage! Here’s how it’s done:

Know Your Plan Entitlements – Your dental health insurance plan has a list of benefits. These are things that you get simply for carrying the insurance. If you don’t know what is on your list, or you aren’t seeing a dentist on a routine basis, you are quite possibly wasting money! Learn what you are entitled to, and use what you’re paying for!

Know Your Limitations – Just as you have entitlements in your plan, you also have limitations. It’s just as important to know where your coverage ends as it is to know where it begins. Many plans offer to pay for procedures, but they will only cover a certain percentage. Find out what your plan says so that you’re never caught off-guard.

Plan Your Care with Us – Now that you know what’s offered and what your limitations are, it’s time to plan your care. Your limitations and provisions last through a year, so you can often plan to begin major work towards the end of a fiscal year and complete the work at the beginning of the following fiscal year to maximize your benefits! We can help you plan that work to make sure you pay very little out of pocket.

When Insurance Isn’t an Option

Dental insurance is kind of rare from many companies to offer their employees. Even if it is offered, it might be at a ridiculous price that just doesn’t make sense for you or your family! We can help with our in-house financing program!

In-House Financing Program
Holly Dental Care is unique with this program. Most dental offices won’t offer anything like this, but we know how much easier things are when you can keep all of your ducks in the same row. In this case, there won’t be any hassle from an insurance company. You’ll never have to question what’s covered because we will be able to walk you through the entire process!

Covers Most Types of Care – From dental cleanings to cosmetic work, we are able to provide you with a dental plan of discounted fees over time. We will allow you to use our financing program for almost any procedure, and we’ll never limit how much you can use it!

No Restrictions on Health – Unlike some insurance plans, we will never cut you out of the plan because of your current health. Every smile needs work, and so we accept every smile into the plan! Even if you haven’t been in years and are going to need extensive work, we will use the plan on every possible aspect of your care!

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Are you ready to learn more about how you can afford quality dental care? It’s time to give us a call at Holly Dental Care! We are a family-friendly dental office who can help you afford the care your smile needs. Contact us today because we are holding a spot on our calendar just for you!

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