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Teeth Whitening in Holly, MI for Father's Day

  • June 1, 2015

Are you trying to think of something different to do for your dad this Father’s Day? Tired of wracking your brain trying to figure out what your dad might need that he doesn’t already have? Finding gifts for someone as special as your father can be very difficult, especially if you want to make it a Father’s Day to remember.

What about the gift the of a new smile?

Teeth whitening from Holly Dental Care is just the thing to get your dad feeling and looking great this year. No matter how well he’s taken care of his teeth over the year, he could probably benefit from a whitening treatment at our office in Holly, MI.

What Causes Teeth Staining

There are many things that can discolor your father teeth, even if he brushes and flosses twice a day, and smoked a day in his life, although smoking is one of the worst teeth stainers out there. Daily habits, like drinking coffee or soda, do a lot to yellow otherwise healthy teeth.

Coffee contains two of the main contributors to teeth staining, acid and dark food pigment. The acid in coffee weakens the enamel on your teeth so that it is more likely to absorb the dark pigments in coffee. There is a common myth that drinking your coffee with milk or cream will keep it from staining your teeth, but this simply isn’t true. the fact is, the dark pigments are still there no matter what you mix the coffee with. So unless you are drinking mostly cream with just a drop of coffee, you are not protecting your teeth from staining.

Sodas contain lots of acid, too. And unless you’re drinking clear sodas, they also contain dark pigments in their artificial coloring Colas are particularly bad at yellowing teeth, and diet sodas have just as much acid as regular soda, so they are just as likely to damage your smile.

Changes is your father’s body chemistry can affect the shade of his teeth, as well. Some medications can give teeth a yellowish hue, while also increasing the chances of teeth staining indirectly. One of the biggest contributors to poor oral health, including teeth staining, gums, disease, and tooth decay, is dry mouth. And dry mouth is one of the most common side effects to both prescription and over-the-counter medications. Some medications even increase the level of acidity in your mouth, which is makes your teeth very vulnerable to staining.

Simply growing older may be enough to darken your father’s smile a few shades. As he ages his enamel will naturally thin, as does everyone’s. This cause teeth to lose some of their whiteness.

Teeth Whitening in Holly, MI

Bring your dad to Holly Dental Care for a teeth whitening solution that will make this an unforgettable Father’s Day. We offer two effective forms of teeth whitening, Lumibrite and KöR Deep Bleaching.

For a fast, safe, and effective treatment of mild stains, Lumibrite will give you noticeably whiter teeth in about an hour. After applying a gentle whitening gel designed to not cause sensitivity to your teeth, we will expose your teeth to a special light that activates the gel kicks in the whitening process. After about 60 minutes your dad will have a bright new smile, and we will send him home with a special maintenance kit to keep his smile looking great.

For more severe staining, the KöR Deep Bleaching system may be necessary. This take-home treatment treatment uses custom fitted dental trays to deliver just the right amount of whitening gel to safely whiten teeth up 16 shade. Your dad will simply wear the dental tray for a few hours a day, and before he knows it. he’ll have a bright new smile.

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