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Surprising Dental Problems that Every Adult Should Know, Part 3

  • March 25, 2015

Thanks for joining us again for the last part of our blog series on common dental problems for adults. You can read the first part of our series here and the second one here.

We’re committed to preventing problems and finding solutions for you here at Holly Dental Care, no matter the situation or how big you think the problem is! That’s why we want you to know about these common problems adults experience with their mouths.


The Problem: Oral and Throat Cancer
Almost 50,000 people in the US will be diagnosed with oral cancer this year alone, according to the American Dental Association.

Considering that your mouth is where eating, drinking, talking, singing, laughing, breathing, and swallowing takes place, this is a pretty miserable area to develop cancer!

The Solution: Screening and Eliminating Contributing Factors
During your Holly Dental Care checkups, Dr. Hunter and his skilled staff will be able to identify whether you have signs of oral or throat cancer or are at risk of developing them. The more you come in for those regular checkups, the easier it will be for us to catch them while we can still do things to prevent the cancer from spreading further or disrupting your life more.

One thing we will ask you about during your screening is your tobacco and alcohol use. That’s not so we can yell at you about these habits! But they are the main causes of throat and mouth cancer. We want to help you cut back on those so that you can reduce your risk of developing cancer and prevent it from doing more damage.

You can also talk to your doctor about preventing HPV, a sexually transmitted disease that is related to many new cases of oral cancer.

The Problem: Other Cancers
Oral and throat cancer aren’t the only cancers that affect your mouth. Many types of cancers require treatments that can affect your teeth, your gums, and the inside of your mouth because they lower your immune system in order to target and attack the cancer cells.

If your immune system is lowered, you are more at risk for developing infections in your mouth and problems like gum disease.

Even though you have a lot on your mind if you’re about to start cancer treatments, it’s important to see your Holly dentist before you begin. We can catch signs of infection in your mouth that should be taken care of before you start immune-lowering treatments.

It’s also important to come in after your treatments are done so that we can help you keep your mouth healthy and clean, and make sure you’re not at risk now for oral infections, decay, or disease.

We also encourage you to take extra good care of your mouth before, during, and after cancer treatments. This means brushing and flossing regularly, eating well, and drinking lots and lots of water! If you’re having trouble doing any of these without pain, ask us how we can help!

Paying for the Dentist

The Problem: I Can’t Afford the Dentist!
We all have plenty of expenses that might prevent us from going to the dentist, especially if you are retired or working part-time on a fixed income.

Here’s what we say: Don’t delay getting the care you need because you think you can’t afford it!

The Solutions are Many!
This is something we care about so much here at Holly Dental Care that we have more options to help you pay for your treatments than most other dentists in the southeast Michigan region.

Here are ways we can help you make payments:

  • Credit card, cash, checks
  • Prepayment discounts
  • Insurance filing
  • Financing options through CareCredit, Citi Health, and iCare Financial
  • Holly Dental Care in-house payment plan—“No insurance? No problem!”
  • The last plan is exclusive to our office! We created it partially because of former GM employees who lost their jobs and work insurance, but many people can qualify. We don’t want you to neglect the care you need, because that can lead to more expensive problems down the road!

    Ask our front desk about these plans today!

    Let Holly Dental Care Help Solve Your Dental Dilemmas!

    If you’re an adult experiencing any of the problems we’ve discussed today and in our last blogs, contact us to set up an appointment now to give you the solutions—and the relief—you need! We are committed to giving you quality, personalized, and comfortable care here!

    (We’d also love to see your family for their needs, too, no matter their age!)

    Don’t forget to visit the friendly folks at the front when you’re done to find out the best way for YOU to pay!

    We look forward to being your Holly dentist and seeing you here soon!

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