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Surprising Dental Problems that Every Adult Should Know, Part 2

  • March 21, 2015

We’re glad to have you back for our exciting blog series about common dental problems in adults, particularly older adults. Whether you’re an adult with these problems or aren’t experiencing them yet, they’re important things to know about, prevent, treat, and share information about with others!

First, let’s pick up where we left off on our discussion about losing your teeth. Then we’ll explore a few other problems and solutions today.

The Problem: Your Teeth are Missing Already
Maybe you already have missing teeth. You might not have taken the best care of your teeth when you were younger, got injured, or allowed some dental problems to get out of control to the point that your teeth have decayed or have fallen out.

Another way that adults like you have broken or missing teeth is from fillings you got when you were younger. You might not have had your fillings replaced when they started to break apart or chip off, which exposed those areas to bacteria and led to tooth decay.

Please know that your Holly dentists and staff have compassion for you, and we want you to know that we understand how difficult and embarrassing it can be to not have your full set of teeth! Hiding your teeth and being anxious around people because of your smile is something we will not lecture you about—but we CAN talk to you about solutions to get you smiling again!

The Solution(s): Say Cheese Again with Veneers, Crowns, and Implants
Depending on the state of your mouth, there are several solutions your Holly dentists can offer you!

For teeth that are cracked or discolored, you might be a good candidate for EZ veneers or porcelain veneers. If your teeth are decayed, you might need us to place some lifelike crowns that cover the surface of your teeth completely.

For missing teeth, we can discuss whether you are a good fit for implants—a PERMANENT solution to your missing teeth that will allow you to put normal force on your teeth again so that you can fearlessly enjoy your corn on the cob!

We even offer implant-secured dentures if your lower dentures won’t stop moving around and need to stay in place.

The best thing about implants is that they are the only tooth replacement solution that helps prevent more bone loss under your gums, and they don’t interfere with your healthy teeth, either.


The Problem: Oral Side Effects
If you’re like most adults, you’re taking a medication for something, whether it’s for high blood pressure, cholesterol, depression or anxiety, or Alzheimer’s disease. Modern medicine is wonderful in that it can help manage the symptoms or progression of some of our problems. But did you know that your medication could be contributing to tooth decay?

If you’ve talked to your doctor or have read the side effects of those medications, you might have come across “dry mouth” in the list. The problem with dry mouth is not just that it’s uncomfortable and causes problems with swallowing or being hoarse when you talk.

The bottom line is, if your mouth is dry, you aren’t producing enough saliva. And believe it or not, saliva helps remove plaque from your teeth and prevent tooth decay! Saliva washes away the food in your mouth that can cause bacteria to build up (resulting in plaque), and it actually contains substances that fight acid and disease!

Who knew your spit was that vital to your mouth’s health?

The Simple Saliva Solution: Moisturize Your Mouth!
There are a lot of easy things you can do to restore the moisture in your mouth without giving up your medicine. (You can ask the doctor who prescribed it, however, if there’s an alternative that doesn’t cause dry mouth.)

One is to use a mouthwash or spray that’s just for dry mouth. You can also chew sugarless gum that helps keep your saliva flowing, and don’t forget to drink plenty of water!

You also might need to consider cutting back on coffee, alcohol, and soda, all of which can dry out your mouth more.

Talk to us about your dry mouth at your next appointment so that we can help recommend specific saliva solutions that are best for you!

Let Holly Dental Care Help Solve These Dental Dilemmas!

Contact us today for an appointment to help you with these common adult dental concerns! We’ll do a thorough examination and then talk to you about what we think is best for your teeth. Then YOU can make a smart, educated decision based on our conversations together.

And stay tuned for our last blog on other common adult dental problems that we can help you solve!

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