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Step Under the Mistletoe and Gain 80 Million Houseguests

  • December 21, 2014

Spending a few moments under the mistletoe with your special someone can be a really sweet time during the holiday season, but it’s not completely innocent. You should know that getting up-close with someone around you is a great way to swap germs, but close, intimate kissing can actually share about 80 million bacteria from one mouth to another! Let’s take a closer look at the relationship between kissing and bacteria.

80 Million Bacteria is Fewer Than You Might Think
80 million sounds like a lot, but the truth is that this is a drop in the bucket compared to trillions of bacteria living in your mouth at any given moment. In order for a full 80 million friends to be swapped, you would need to experience an intimate kiss at least 10 seconds long! Most of that bacteria will be swept away quickly by your bacteria-fighting saliva, and the rest will be removed with your oral hygiene routine.

Oral Hygiene Saves Your Smile

You should never be afraid to share a moment under the mistletoe with your loved one! Even if you share bacteria that is dangerous for oral health, your hygiene can keep your teeth from being damaged. A routine flossing, brushing, and using an antibacterial mouthrinse can get rid of any lingering bacteria. This will not protect you from things like a common cold or the flu, but it will keep your teeth safe from gum disease and cavity-causing bacteria.

The next time you have an opportunity to celebrate the holiday season with a kiss from someone you love, don’t spend any time thinking about the bacteria that will be swapped. Instead, enjoy the moment, and know that your hygiene is working for you! Contact us today to set up your next appointment or cleaning. We would love to see you very soon!

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