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Six Month Smiles Are Easy In Holly, Michigan

  • January 28, 2016

Six Month Smiles Are Easy In Holly, Michigan

Welcome back to the Holly Dental Care blog! Today we want to talk about, big surprise, teeth! Yes, we are your trusted source for comprehensive dentistry solutions in Holly, Michigan, and we want your teeth to look great all through life.

How do you feel about your smile? Is it camera-ready, or in need of some upgrades?

We understand that if you have crooked, crowded, or gapped teeth, you may be reluctant to share your smile, which could negatively impact your social life and limit your opportunities for professional growth. We hate to hear about such scenarios.

you realize that when you never smile, people will awesome that you are unfriendly, cold, and unapproachable. You wouldn’t want to give folks the wrong impression just because you are embarrassed about your teeth!

What’s more, the state of affairs in your mouth could also be causing a potentially dangerous oral health situation.

So, what can be done?

You can rest assured that, at Holly Dental Care, we will make it a pleasant and painless experience for you to straighten out this situation and get the smile you’ve always dreamed of having.

We have found that short-term orthodontics work well for adult patients looking for a cosmetic smile enhancement without any long-term commitments or hassles.

Ready to learn more?

Six Month Smiles Are The Real Deal

Short-term orthodontics can change your life in a matter of months. Have you ever heard of Six Month Smiles? We know, it sounds too easy to not be a gimmick, but Six Month Smiles are for real.

As you might have guessed from its name, with Six Month Smiles, your smile can be radically improved in 180 days or so.

That’s pretty awesome, when you think about it.

Truth be told, it is a much bigger challenge to move adult teeth around than it is to move a teenager’s, which is why conventional treatment approaches for adults tend to last 2-3 years and require lots of professional adjustments.

We know that you have a life and you simply don’t have the tolerance for those kind of long-lasting inconveniences.We haven’t found an adult patient yet who wants to feel like an awkward teen again for 2-3 years by sporting a mouth full of shiny metal for all the world to see. That is what makes the Six Month Smiles technique so great!

We Are Ready When You Are! Let’s Get Started Now!

Now you can see that Six Month Smiles is an easy solution for adults with bad teeth. You will also be pleased to know that this system is just as effective as traditional braces and as subtle as Invisalign trays.

Beyond that, it is often a more affordable way to go. This system uses nearly invisible brackets and tooth-colored wires to gently and quickly move your teeth to their proper placements. No one will ever know about the construction zone in your mouth!

We will determine the most likely timetable for your end results based on your situation. During treatment, we will work closely with you to ensure success.

Why prolong your health and happiness? If you take the steps to get started now, by the end of summer you could be enjoying all the benefits of your gorgeous new smile.

Doesn’t that sound nice?

To get the ball rolling, contact our Holly Dental Care team right away!