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Simple Dental Care With Comprehensive Family Dentistry

Family Dentistry 1 in Holly, MI | Holly Dental Care
  • January 18, 2017

We have a few simple questions about family dentistry for you.

Would you like your family dentist to have a history of working with children?

Would you like your family dentist to offer a range of preventive services and treatments?

Would you like your dentist to create a friendly atmosphere for everyone in your family?

If you said yes to those questions, then our dentist office in Holly, MI, may be just the place for you. At Holly Dental Care, we take a patient-centered approach to everything we do. We use the latest technology, and we make patient comfort a priority.

But don’t take our word for it. Schedule a visit to our office and find out for yourself.

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A Kid-Friendly Dentist Office

We know from our own experience that no one is more important to parents than their children. When you bring them to a dentist, you want to know that your kids are in a place where they will be cared for and supported.

We have met too many adults who had bad experiences at the dentist when they were children. This led to dental anxiety, which made it hard for them to continue receiving the basic preventive care they needed.

Our approach to children’s dental care starts with our approach. We want your children to enjoy their time with us. We try to make their visits fun, while also doing the cleanings and exams that we need to do.

As an incentive to keep your kids brushing and flossing at home, we have our “No Cavities Club.” If your children do not have any cavities when they come for their regular check-up, then they can have their name entered into a drawing for a gift certificate.

At the same time, we know that the dentist office can be a scary place for some kids. This is why we offer nitrous oxide sedation for kids (and some parents, too). If needed, nitrous oxide will allow your children to relax and remain calm until their routine care is complete.

If you have any questions, just call us at 877-321-1933.


Simplify Your Dental Care With Comprehensive Family Dentistry

You and your kids have different dental care needs. As they lose their primary teeth, our team can monitor their permanent teeth as they erupt.

Older teens may have trouble when their wisdom teeth begin to emerge. In many cases, we can do wisdom teeth extractions in our office.

If you lose your teeth, you may need restorative care to bring back the function of your missing teeth. As you get older, you may discover an interest in cosmetic dentistry to improve the appearance of your smile.

No matter what your dental needs are, you can come to Holly Dental Care for help. Knowing that every member of your family can get dental care in one place is an advantage for busy parents.

We may not be able to simplify every aspect of your life, but we can make family dentistry a little easier for you at Holly Dental Care.


Technology And Preventive Treatments

Whenever possible, we want to prevent oral health problems. Tooth decay can lead to cavities and other, more serious issues. Gum disease can lead to tooth loss and other problems.

By preventing these from taking hold or by treating them as early as possible, you and your kids can avoid many serious (and costly) problems.

Our staff will gladly make time to discuss the right ways to brush and floss teeth with your kids. For a higher level of preventive care, you may want to consider dental sealants or fluoride treatments.

Dental sealants are a special coating that can be applied to your molars. These are the bigger teeth in the back of your mouth that you use to grind and chew food. Sealants create a barrier that makes it harder for bacteria to attack these teeth.

Fluoride treatments help in a different way. Fluoride is a mineral. When it is applied to your teeth, fluoride can make your enamel stronger. If you already have some minor damage, fluoride may be able to repair that damage before it turns into something worse.


How Can Holly Dental Care Help Your Family?

Every patient who visits our dentist office in Holly, MI, should be treated with respect and care. It doesn’t matter if that patient is 4, 44, or 104 years old.

To schedule an appointment or just to set up a consultation, call 877-321-1933 or fill out our online contact form.