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Sedation Dentistry Makes Preventive Care Easy

  • October 5, 2016

If you are uneasy about making your next preventive dentistry appointment in Holly, Michigan, we want you to know that Dr. Hunter is highly skilled at delivering complex dental solutions without all the pain and discomfort that used to go along with such services. What’s more, Dr. Hunter is trained and certified to administer sedation dentistry services.

So, keep reading to hear more about what we can do to help get your oral health where it needs to be, and then be sure to follow up to schedule your next appointment at Holly Dental Care!

We Can Help Save Your Smile

We know that you might be embarrassed by or afraid of the state of affairs in your mouth. No matter how bad things have gotten in there, odds are we have encountered worse situations. We treat patients all the time who have incurred extensive dental damage and/or are experiencing major health problems. There won’t be any lectures from us. Our staff is kind and compassionate, and we work hard to nurture a welcoming environment for all.

To help you relax and enjoy your visit, we offer several kinds of dental sedation here in our Holly, MI dentist’s office. Nitrous oxide (aka laughing gas) is the most basic and it begins working to end your anxiety as soon as you start breathing it in. Oral conscious sedation is a pill that induces a relaxed, sleepy feeling that makes any procedure a walk in the park. And, importantly, our dentists are among the select few in the nation certified to administer IV sedation for dental procedures.

The nice thing about sedation dentistry is that with it we can relax you enough to be able to complete multiple procedures in one easy visit. This is great for folks who have not been to the dentist in awhile because, let’s face it, we will likely have our work cut out for us when you do return. And we will want to make it a pleasant and pain-free experience.

Nothing To Fear With Dr. Hunter

Dental sedation is also great for Holly area patients who have intense feelings of anxiety or fear related to the dentist. Hey, we won’t take it personally. But we will take it seriously! You probably have a good reason for feeling the way that you do based on past experiences. If you do struggle with such issues, this will help put your fears to rest, literally, and get you to feeling much more comfortable and confident about your dental procedure. Plus, we will win you over and keep you coming back for more of the care you deserve.

In addition to our sedation options, we also offer a variety of other comfort options:
blankets, pillows, headphones with good music, complimentary water and coffee. These amenities can all go a long way towards making you feel more at home at Holly Dental Care.

A Healthier Smile Awaits!

We hope you have been inspired to reclaim the health of your smile!

Contact us now to learn more about our lecture-free, sedation-friendly dentist’s office in Holly, MI.