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Root Canals: Not the Monster You Expect

  • October 15, 2014

Most people have never had direct experience with a root canal, yet it is one of the most feared dental procedures in the country. This fear probably comes from the many movies and television shows that portray a root canal as something very stressful and painful. Unfortunately, our patients end up terrified of something that is really a teeth-saving procedure.

In Your Teeth
To better understand a root canal, you should understand why it is necessary. Root canals exist to save teeth from deep infections that occur in the dental pulp on the inside of the tooth. These infections are often deeply painful for patients, and if left alone can lead to an abscessed tooth or even the death of your tooth.

Taking Care of the Infection
In order to take care of the infection, a root canal is necessary. A root canal is a procedure very similar to having a cavity filled, and feels very similar. We will remove a section of the tooth and remove the infection from deep in your tooth. We’ll then fill the tooth with a special material and place a crown over the tooth to protect it from further infection.

While a root canal might have developed a bad reputation, it really shouldn’t be feared. A root canal has the potential to save your tooth, which means it could end up being your best friend! Contact us today to learn more about a root canal and how it could help you save your smile.

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