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Quick and Easy Adult Orthodontics

  • February 24, 2015

Kids aren’t the only patients who need or want orthodontic treatment. Roughly 25% of adults could use orthodontic work, and a good number of those adults have looked into braces only to find that they didn’t want to commit to traditional metal braces.

We can’t say that we blame them. Who really wants to sign up for a two-three year commitment? It would be much easier to agree to something for six months or so because you could plan ahead and know what major events were coming up.

Is there a solution like that? Absolutely! Six Month Smiles is a fantastic adult orthodontics solution that allows you to get the smile results you want without a long commitment! Let’s take a look at how Six Month Smiles can dramatically change your smile for the better!

Why Do Adults Need Braces?

Adults need or desire braces for one of two reasons. They are either concerned about the aesthetics of their smile, or they are seeking to improve the health of their smile. In either case, Six Month Smiles can offer solutions!

Cosmetic Improvement
Cosmetic improvement for orthodontic patients normally has to do with gaps, overlapping, or crowded teeth in your smile. If you are tired of the way your smile looks because of the spacing of your teeth, Six Month Smiles could be your answer!

The second reason someone might want to consider orthodontic treatment is to improve the health of their smile. When teeth are crowded, it is difficult to keep those teeth clean. This puts you at a higher risk for something like gum disease or decay!

The Problems with Traditional Braces

As we’ve mentioned, many adults turn away from traditional braces because they don’t want to deal with the embarrassing features of those appliances. Let’s take a look at the problems with traditional metal braces before we move on to what Six Month Smiles can do for you.

Length of Treatment
The biggest complaint we get is that traditional braces take SO LONG to complete treatment! Two to three years is a LONG time to wear metal braces that stand out against your teeth. It’s a long time to try to keep your teeth healthy despite brackets and wires. It’s a long time to hear your co-workers refer to you as tinsel teeth or metal mouth.

Embarrassing Look
Traditional metal braces create a very embarrassing look. The dark metallic look of the wires and brackets paired with any rubber bands or springs that might be required ends in much discomfort for you. Something as simple as smiling for the camera is suddenly much more difficult.

Forget about things like going on a date or meeting new people. Traditional metal braces in an adult mouth just draw attention. It’s as simple as that!

Six Month Smiles

How Can it Happen so Fast?
So how does the Six Month Smiles procedure work so fast? It all has to do with what we are trying to achieve. We aren’t aligning your entire mouth, which allows the work to move quickly. The teeth in the front of your mouth are much easier to shift making Six Month Smiles ideal for quick, effective smile adjustment!

How Does it Look?
Six Month Smiles is not invisible, but it is the closest you can get while still using brackets and wires. We use clear plastic brackets and wires that are the same color as your teeth. This creates a camouflage effect and allows you to wear your orthodontics with ease and confidence!

What Will it Achieve?
Six Month Smiles will give you the smile of your dreams in about six months. Some patients are finished with treatment after just a few months, while others might need to wear their treatment until month eight or nine. Your teeth will move into perfect alignment. You can say goodbye to gaps, crowded teeth, and overlapping teeth!

Are you looking for a fantastic orthodontic treatment? Six Month Smiles might be for you! Contact us today to set up a consultation or appointment! We would love to find out what your smile goals are so that we can help you achieve the smile of your dreams. We hope to see you soon!

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