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Putting Dental Anxiety Behind You!

  • April 12, 2016

Hello and welcome to our dentistry blog! Today we’d like to talk directly to the folks in Holly, MI who are struggling with some level of dental anxiety. What is dental anxiety? Basically that is when you have a fear of, or aversion to, the dentist. It can become a rather dangerous condition when it prohibits you from getting the care you need to keep your mouth healthy and your smile looking great.

Sometimes it is based on previous bad experiences or a more general fear of the unknown. It is not always rational. But we get it. We know exactly where you are coming from. And we won’t take your fears personally, but we will take the situation seriously enough to help you work through it.

Comfort & Caring

You see, here at Holly Dental Care, we provide a welcoming environment that is staffed by kind and compassionate oral health professionals. Everyone here is eager to help. And no one wants to make you feel guilty about staying away for longer than you should have. Our only goal is to get you back on track fast!

As such, we will remove any obstacle that gets in the way of your well being. Besides the usual courtesies and comfort options, we will be happy to provide you with sedation dentistry to help you relax even further. You just need to let us know what you are up against when you call to make your appointment, and we will take care of the rest!

Nitrous Oxide

One thing that we can set you up with is nitrous oxide (laughing gas) to help you feel more at ease in our office. The gas will be delivered to you via a comfortable mask that rests gently over your nostrils.

It’s no big deal. You will simply breathe normally throughout your procedure, and our Holly Dental Care team can regulate the amount of sedation you receive.

This sedation method works well for anyone with mild anxiety and can be used in conjunction with any of our dental services.

Oral Conscious Sedation

Need to go deeper? No problem! Oral sedation is a prescription sedative that you take, usually about an hour before your appointment is scheduled to take place.

With the help of this pill, you may not even remember why you were afraid in the first place, and you’ll need to have someone else drive you home.

IV Sedation

It is always good to have options. IV sedation is a very direct and powerful method of sedation, and its effects will be felt straightaway. For this approach, a sedative is administered right into your bloodstream by way of an intravenous injection.

IV sedation will make you feel very relaxed, and comfortable enough to get through even our most invasive procedures. As such, you will be able to rest easy throughout your visit and remember little of the experience when we are through. Easy enough, right?

Get Back On The Good Road!

Your oral health is far too important to ignore. If you are experiencing any level of dental anxiety, Holly Dental Care can help you work through your fears! Call us today at 877-321-1933 to schedule your sedation dentistry appointment in Holly, MI!