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Professional Teeth Whitening Is Best For You

  • September 20, 2015

Professional Whitening Is Best For Your Teeth

Welcome back to our dentistry blog!

At Holly Dental Care of Holly, Michigan, we strive to deliver a family-friendly type of service.

We always do our best to give our patients what they want, not just what we think they should have.

One thing that almost all of our patients want is to improve the color of their teeth.

In our office on North Saginaw Street, we offer excellent whitening services that will brighten up your smile in a hurry.

Most Of Us Could Benefit From Some Whitening

Most Americans like to consume copious amounts of soda pop, tea, red wine, and fresh fruits and vegetables.

Oh, and, let’s not forget about our daily dosage of coffee!

There’s nothing wrong with all of that.

But some of these pleasures do come at a cost.

And one of these costs is a gradual staining of your teeth.

Anymore it seems like there is a big industry aimed at combating this kind of discoloration.

Look around the nearest drugstore and you will see that there is certainly no shortage of over-the-counter whitening kits or stain-fighting toothpastes in today’s marketplace.

However, you have to be very discerning to separate the fact from the fantasy in the marketing campaigns associated with these products.

In the end, the only way you can truly expect to significantly improve the color of your teeth is to sign on for some dentist-guided whitening procedures.

Over-The-Counter Kits Will Under-Perform

Over the counter whitening kits make a lot of promises.

The only promises they can keep are the ones they don’t tell you about.

Like that they are slow to work–when they work at all.

To make matters worse, some over-the-counter kits can actually be a threat to your health.

The underlying causes of their performance problems are anyone’s guess, but the health issues mostly relate to the one-size-fits-all approach that mass manufactured whitening trays espouse.

They might get lucky once in a while and fit somebody’s mouth properly, but odds are it won’t be yours.

The problem with that isn’t so much a matter of discomfort but rather that chemical whitening products designed to work on your teeth can do real damage if they are allowed to come in contact with your gums.

And they will come in contact with your gums if you don’t have a custom-fitted tray!

Why waste your time and money at home?

The whitening treatment you can get at the dentist is going to be safe for you and way more reliable and comfortable than any over-the-counter fad.

Holly Dental Care Can Do The Job

In our office, we offer Lumibrite and KöR Teeth Whitening depending on whether your teeth need a little touch up or you have severe discoloration going on.

Whichever one suits you best, you fill find it to be an immediately effective experience that should only last about an hour.

When the whitening procedure is over, you will once again have a radiant white smile to share with the world.

Brighten Your World With A Whiter Smile

We are confident that, at Holly Dental Care, we can make things brighter for you.

Contact our Holly, MI team today to schedule your professionally-guided teeth whitening procedure.

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