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Be Prepared For Summer Dental Emergencies

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  • June 2, 2017

The last day of the school year is quickly approaching, which means summer is nearly here, too.

It’s also a good time for a reminder to be prepared for what to do in a dental emergency. Since people are more active in the summer. Dental emergencies can occur anytime and anywhere.

We hope you will start by saving this phone number — 877-321-1933. This is the fastest way to reach our dentist office if you live in or near Holly, MI, and you need emergency dental care.

Next, we will suggest some items to add to your family’s first aid kit. These are things that could come in handy during a dental emergency.

Last, we will present an unfortunate summer scenario with a description of what to do.

Just remember to call Holly Dental Care. We want to help you.


Dental First Aid Supplies

Some of these items are things that you may already have in your first aid kit. If not, now is a good time to add them.

◼ Gauze — Gauze can be used to cover a broken tooth. It’s also helpful for soaking up blood or cleaning someone’s mouth after an injury.

◼ Gloves — Latex or vinyl gloves should be worn anytime you may be exposed to blood or saliva.

◼ Dental floss — Floss can be used to remove something that may be stuck between teeth and gums. Sometimes this is all that’s need to alleviate someone’s pain.

◼ Dental wax — Like gauze, this can be used to cover broken teeth. This also can be helpful for covering the ends of broken wires on braces.

◼ A small container with a lid — If a tooth is knocked out, you may need to fill the container with milk to store the tooth until you are able to see the dentist. (If you are able to get help quickly, then it may be possible to place the tooth back in its socket.)

◼ Pain reliever — Many dental emergencies are painful. An over-the-counter medicine may make the situation bearable until you are able to see a dentist.


A Cookout Of Unfortunate Events

The following scenario is fake. The problems that occur in this scenario should be considered dental emergencies, however.


Dad has just finished removing the last of the burgers and hot dogs from the grill. Before he can add them to the buffet, he shouts to his son and daughter, “Don’t run around the table.”

About the same time, they both see an open space …  away from the people who are trying to eat.

That’s when someone else shouts, “Look out.”

A baseball strikes the son in the mouth before he can react. He then falls into his sister, who was running just behind him. Relatives rush to their sides.

The son has a broken tooth. He’s bleeding a little. The daughter had one of her teeth knocked-out completely. Mom leads the children to where they can rinse their mouths with water. A cousin follows behind with the missing tooth, holding it by the crown.

Mom rinses the tooth and checks the kids’ mouths after putting on a pair of latex gloves. She places some gauze near the broken and missing teeth to soak up any blood.

When the bleeding stops, she tells her son to place fresh gauze over his broken tooth. This will protect his lips or tongue against an accidental cut from the edge of the broken tooth.

Mom carefully tries to place her daughter’s tooth back in its socket. It doesn’t stay, so she finds a small container and fills it with some of the milk they had in a cooler. Then she places the tooth in the container.

While all this has been happening, dad has been on the phone with Holly Dental Care making arrangements to get help.


Finding The Right Treatment

How we would handle this situation will depend on the age of the children and the severity of their injuries.

The first concern would be to stop any pain they may be feeling. After the kids’ immediate needs were addressed, we would discuss long-term treatment options.

At Holly Dental Care, we set aside time each day to help patients who may be experiencing a dental emergency. This might be a broken or knocked-out tooth. It might be a toothache. It could be a broken crown or a broken dental appliance (such as braces or a retainer).

No matter what your situation, we want to find a solution for you. Call 877-321-1933 as soon as you can so you can get the emergency dental care that you need.