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Oral Health Tips For Spring

  • February 18, 2016

Oral Health Tips For Spring

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Then look no further! We have all the tools and training to deliver top-notch preventive dentistry care. We have a comprehensive program of home hygiene habits, in-office checkups, and continuing education. To that end, we have compiled some useful tips to pass along for protecting your teeth moving forward.

Consume Plenty Of Water

From our point of view, there is nothing more important for your overall health than staying well-hydrated. Did you know that one of the reasons drinking soda is so bad for you is just that it is not water? True story!

Ordinary water is effective at fighting the various causes of tooth decay, and drinking it can actually reverse the negative effects of other foods and beverages.

What’s more, water washes food debris and sugar out of your mouth, while neutralizing acid and fighting bacteria. It keeps your body hydrated so you can produce plenty of saliva, which also helps keep your mouth healthy.

What’s more, when you drink tap water, you are getting an easy dose of fluoride!

Bottoms up!

The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

Did you enjoy your fair share of Valentine’s Day treats? Hopefully you gave your teeth some extra love afterwards. We’ve all been taught how bad sugar is for your teeth. This is because it feeds the bacteria that causes tooth decay. The dangers of food-based acids have also been known for a while now.

But you may not know that one of the most dangerous things you can expose your teeth to is sugar and acids combined. The scary thing is that you can commonly find sugar and acid bundled together in a lot of otherwise healthy foods, like fruits.

Don’t go giving fruit up for Lent or anything, just know the risks to your teeth. And, again, you will need to be extra careful in your home hygiene practices when you consume anything containing a sugar/acid combo. Got it? Good!

Avoid Those Chewable Vitamins

This is another dicey tip since we wouldn’t want you to ignore the things your body needs. The big thing to consider is that what is good for your overall health, isn’t always good for your teeth. Vitamin supplements can actually be very beneficial to your overall wellness, including your oral health.

You just have to be careful about how you consume your vitamins.

In recent years, vitamin gummies have become a popular form of supplement because so many folks have trouble swallowing pills. It’s nice that chewable vitamins make it easier for you to get the nutrients you need. The trouble with gummies lies in the fact that they are often flavored with sugar and they are especially dangerous for your teeth because they are so darn sticky.

In the event that you do need to take chewable vitamins, always make sure you follow them up with a generous helping of water. As we already demonstrated, water is great at washing away the negative effects that certain things have on your teeth.

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