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No Reason To Fear This Dentist

  • December 16, 2015

No Reason To Fear This Dentist

Welcome back to another December edition of the Holly Dental Care blog!

We want to be your dentist of choice in Holly, Michigan. To that end, we offer comprehensive dentistry services in one convenient location. And through our online platform, we try to provide you with plenty of oral health education and fun facts throughout the year.

Did you know that a lion has 30 teeth, which are not made for chewing? That includes 4 large, pointed teeth that are used to capture and hold food. Once the lion has secured its meal, it tears the flesh of its victim and swallows it whole!

Maybe you think that some dentists will devour you like a lion if you dare to step into their lair of a dental practice. OK, maybe that is a bit dramatic. But, in all seriousness, dental anxiety and fear of the dentist are very real conditions that are perennial causes of concern, at least when it comes to maintaining good oral health.

That’s why at Holly Dental Care, we will do everything in our power to make you feel comfortable here. Together we will work on making more pleasant dental memories to replace the horror stories that haunt your imagination currently.

Your total wellness depends on your ability to access regular checkups at your Holly, MI dentist’s office. That’s because we have the tools and knowledge to keep your mouth healthy and clean, while looking for signs of anything that might be amiss in your oral cavity or elsewhere in your body.

To make sure that your experience with Holly Dental Care will be pain-free and easy, we will happily supply you with a sedation dentistry treatment. We have a few good options available, depending on your level of anxiety.

Nitrous Oxide

In the milder range of anxiety, you’re probably able to call our office and make an appointment when you need to.

But once you’re getting ready to actually come here, your nerves might kick in, making it a real effort to barge through our doors. If this sounds like you, we can help you quickly relax with an inhalation sedation technique involving laughing gas.

For this method, we will administer nitrous oxide to you via a small mask that rests over your nose. You will breathe normally throughout your procedure, and our Holly Dental Care team can regulate the amount of sedation you receive.

Oral Sedation

If you suffer from mid-range dental anxiety, you are at a much greater risk of having problems. You want to ignore the situation in your mouth and hope that it just goes away on its own. You can bet that it won’t!

Moreover, you probably won’t go to the dentist unless something is causing you so much pain that there just is no other option left.

Even in this stage, we can help you relax sufficiently by supplying you with oral sedation.

Oral sedation is a prescription sedative that our team will arrange for you to take, usually about an hour before your appointment is scheduled to take place.

Oral sedation is far more intense than nitrous oxide, and will put you at ease for the duration of your visit.

You won’t remember much, and you’ll need someone to drive you home!

IV Sedation

We can take it even deeper if need be. Your health is too important not to!

Obviously, if you have a severe aversion to the dentist, you are going to need a little more help feeling at ease.

In this range you might know that you have a condition that requires immediate dental care but you still can’t even think about making an appointment.

If that sounds like you, we can give you what is known as IV sedation.

This is a very direct and powerful method of sedation, and its effects will be felt almost immediately. For this technique, a sedative is delivered directly into your bloodstream by way of an intravenous injection.

This will definitely make you feel very relaxed, and able to get through even our most intense procedures.

You will rest easy and remember little!

We Will Literally Put Your Fears To Rest

At Holly Dental Care, we are excited to partner with you on oral health. When you let us know about your special needs, we promise to go easy on you. No lectures, we promise!

Contact us today to schedule your sedation dentistry appointment in Holly, MI!

We will do whatever we can to put your fears to rest!

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