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Metal-Free Dentistry

  • August 9, 2015

Going to the dentist has pros and cons. The actual sitting there in a chair while your mouth is being looked at and worked on is not so much fun, but having a clean, healthy smile is definitely a plus!

Here at Holly Dental Care, we try to make your dental experiences better than they have ever been before. We invest in tools and procedures for the office that make your life easier. After all, you are the one sitting in the chair with your mouth open!

One thing that patients hate more than anything else is the use of metal instruments in their mouths! We can’t eliminate all use of metal instruments, but we are taking strides to do what we can! Let’s spend some time talking today about the use of metal and how we can change your entire dental appointment experience.

The Problem with Metal…

… in tools
Metal instruments are used for several reasons. First, they are relatively easy to sterilize between patients. They are strong. They are durable. They are effective. These are all reasons why losing metal instruments entirely may be a long-time coming, but we are taking strides because we also recognize the downfalls of metal instruments.

Patients don’t like the feeling of cold, metal instruments against their teeth. The thought alone is enough to make you cringe! Often those tools feel too harsh against our teeth, and we are left wondering if there are other options.

… in fillings
Some dentists use metal in the fillings that are placed in your teeth. We no longer use this metal amalgam mixture, but we still see it in smiles of many of our patients. Metal fillings present several problems for patients.

The first problem is that the metal fillings stand out against the white of your teeth. Also, metal amalgam contains mercury, which many people don’t want in their mouths. To top it off, metal fillings can weaken your teeth, causing your fillings to fail and your teeth to be damaged.

A Metal-Free Dental Practice

As we mentioned above, we are working to cut metal out of our dental practice wherever possible. This means investing in new tools and procedures that make your outcome better. We have a few different methods we would like to share with you that show you just how dedicated we are to giving you the best experience you can possibly have!

Metal-Free Fillings – At Holly Dental Care, we use metal-free fillings. Composite resin is a tooth-colored material made up of glass and plastic. The result is a fantastic bonding material that we can use to fill areas of decay. Your filling will look great, and you’ll be able to rest knowing that you don’t have mercury in your mouth!

Air Abrasion – Ask anyone who is afraid of the dentist what they fear most, and many will tell you that the fear the drill. They remember the sound, the vibration, and the feeling of a drill in their tooth!

What if we told you we don’t use drills any longer? Instead, we use air abrasion. This simple tool allows us to blow a stream of air on your tooth in order to remove the decay. Ask anyone who fears the dental drill, air abrasion is a complete improvement!

Diagnodent Laser Cavity Detection – The worst part of most dental exams is when the dentist is searching for cavities with a metal instrument. It can be very painful when they find one! We have opted for a better laser detection process. Instead of using metal instruments, we use a Diagnodent laser. Not only is the laser more comfortable for you, but it is better at finding decay that is just beginning.

The Benefits for You!

The less metal we have to use in our office, the better off you will be! That’s right. You benefit greatly! You will be more comfortable, more relaxed, and see better results. Modern dental technology continues to move away from the use of metal and toward the use of things like lasers and air abrasion, so you can expect that your experiences at the dental office will only improve!

Learn More When You Call Today

Are you ready for a more comfortable dental appointment free of drills and metal fillings? Contact our office today to learn more. We can set up your next visit and let you know exactly what to expect while you’re in our office! We can’t wait to see you soon.