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Making The Most Of Your Oral Health With Preventive Dentistry

Rand Hunter - Holly, MI Dentist - Holly Dental Care
  • March 29, 2016

Making The Most Of Your Oral Health With Preventive Dentistry

Hello and welcome to the final March edition of our dentistry blog. With springtime about to hit Holly, Michigan, it might be a good time to think about resetting our oral hygiene habits. In fact, as dentists, we believe there is never a BAD time to think about such things!

After all, to optimize your dental health, there needs to be a comprehensive program of prevention in place. This will necessarily include some things that you do at home, and others that you leave to the professionals here at Holly Dental Care.

Here’s what we suggest, for starters…

Brush Your Pearly Whites

In order to prevent cavities, periodontal disease, chronic bad breath, and eventual tooth loss, you should be brushing your teeth and gums at least twice a day, and for 2 minutes per session.

That’s the opinion of the American Dental Association. And we concur!

Find The Floss

You need to realize that brushing is only the beginning. When you are brushing attentively, you will become aware of all the areas that you can never reach with a toothbrush alone. Food particles, dangerous bacteria, plaque and tartar will accumulate in these safe zones. Over time, they will create the sort of problems for you that are more painful and costly to treat than prevention would be.

So, what can be done? The solution is easy. Dental floss is the only way to get the job done the rest of the way. As such, it makes sense to add flossing to your daily routine.

Make Friends With A Great Dentist

Locating a kind and caring dentist in Holly, MI will be essential to maintaining your general health and wellness. But that is the easy part! Just call Holly Dental Care!

The thing is, no matter how vigorously you brush, floss, and rinse your teeth, there is still more work that must be done. In spite of your best efforts, tartar, plaque and bacteria will camp out in the deep grooves and hard-to-see regions of your mouth. This will mean trouble for you if the situation is not addressed periodically.

Why not sidestep cavities and tooth loss by staying on top of your preventive dental appointments? When you come in every 3-6 months, our team will be able to provide you with a professional teeth cleaning, gum disease evaluation, in-depth checkups, diagnostic exams and cavity-prevention techniques that you just can’t do by yourself. Plus, when you are at our Holly, MI dental office, we can screen for oral cancer and also look for signs of other causes for concern in your body.

A little preventive dentistry can go a long way!

Reboot Your Oral Health Habits Now!

There is so much that you can do to keep your mouth healthy and your smile looking great. Still, you know that, at times, you will need a partner for oral health, so why not get in-touch today to set-up your next appointment?

Contact us now to see how easy maintaining a healthy smile can be in Holly, MI!