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Is Drinking Bottled Water Bad for Your Smile?

  • July 21, 2015

Hello, Holly! Welcome to another blog from the office of Holly Dental Care. In a our previous blog, we explained the virtues of dental care using fluoride. Unfortunately, the public’s access to fluoride has been reduced due to the popularity of bottled water.

On the surface, bottled water seems like a harmless, even healthy, thirst quencher. And when it is consumed sparingly, it is. However, when bottled water becomes your main source of hydration, there can be real problems for your oral health.

Why People Choose Bottled Water

There is no denying that bottled water is amazingly popular these days. Once considered fancy and extravagant, it is now commonplace. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons bottled water has become such a ubiquitous beverage choice.

Convenience – Bottled water can easily be found anywhere. Grocery stores, gas stations, even sports concession stands carry bottled water right along with their sugary sodas. This is actually good news for your oral health because water, bottled or otherwise, is always a better choice than a sugar and acid filled carbonated beverage.

The problem comes when you choose to drink bottled water when fluoridated tap water is readily available.

Flavor – Ask any bottled water enthusiast why they choose the beverage and you will almost always hear a claim of superior taste. However, there doesn’t seem to be much substance to this claim. Several formal taste tests have been performed to determine if bottled water tastes any better than plain old tap water. The results consistently show that most people cannot tell the difference. So when it comes down to it, bottled water and tap water taste the same.

Misleading Health Claims – Many bottled water brands claim to come “natural” sources, and some go so far as to imply that their water is somehow healthier than others. This idea is based on a common misconception that “natural” is synonymous with “healthy”.

This, quite simply, is untrue and dangerous. Plenty of natural things are dangerous, even deadly. Natural streams, which many bottled water companies claim to use as their source, are often populated with microbes and parasites that can cause a variety of ailments.

It is also worth mentioning that public tap water is much more highly regulated than bottled water. So when someone says they drink bottled water because no one knows what is in tap water, they have it backwards.

The Downside to Bottled Water

Even though drinking bottled water instead of sugary soda is obviously a healthy choice, there are definitely some negative outcomes involved.

No Fluoride – Fluoridated water has been a public oral health benefit for decades, but a recent increase in tooth decay has been attributed to bottled water and its lack of fluoride. This becomes a serious problem when children drink bottled water exclusively, even at home. Their teeth need access to fluoride in order to develop strong enamel.

Creates Trash – One of the biggest concerns with the current popularity of bottled water is all those plastic bottles. They have to end up somewhere, and many of them will end up in a landfill, where they will stay for a few centuries. This is a major environmental issue that will not go away unless the consumption of bottled water goes down, or the bottlers stop using plastic.

Even recycling plastic bottles has an environmental impact. The process use energy, burning valuable natural resources. So to truly reduce the environmental dangers associated with bottled water, you need to reduce amount of bottled water consumed.

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