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How Sleeping in Your Dentures Can Ruin Your Health This Winter

  • December 17, 2014

This time of year is a risk for us all. There are so many viruses and infections floating around that it is really difficult to stay healthy throughout the entire winter. You can do things to help yourself, like consuming plenty of Vitamin C, but we are more concerned with the things you are doing that might be putting you at risk, like sleeping in your dentures. Take a look below for more information about the importance of caring for your dentures.

Extra Plaque – Plaque is a buildup of bacteria on the surfaces of your teeth and gums. When you sleep in your dentures, this plaque builds up faster. The health of your mouth is at risk, but your dentures are also at risk. Extra plaque means more bacteria working into the surfaces of your dentures causing your dentures to break down faster than normal.

Inflamed Gums – When wearing dentures, it is important that you take care of your gums. These soft tissues support your dentures all day and need to rest during the night. If you don’t give your gums a break, they will develop sores and become inflamed from the constant stress.

Pneumonia Risk – Wearing your dentures at night also puts you at risk for pneumonia, which is a serious infection in your lungs. The extra fluids in your mouth are difficult to swallow while you are sleeping, which causes them to work their way into your lungs causing the infection. Pneumonia can be a serious risk to your life, especially if your health is already suffering.

Taking your dentures out at night is an extremely important aspect of denture health and cleanliness. Your dentures will last longer, your mouth will be healthier, and you will be more comfortable. Contact us today for more information about keeping your dentures healthy. We would love to discuss your current routine with you very soon!

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