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How an Easy Dental Cleaning Can Change Your Future Health

  • April 5, 2015

The dental office is a scary place. If you played a word association, you would probably find that many, many people associate the word dentist with lots of negative things! Things like fear, pain, mean, etc will pop out of their mouths faster than they can realize what they’re saying!

Many things drive this fear of the dentist. Movies and television shows work against us, terrible historical accounts work against us, and the fact that some dentists out there just aren’t that great works against us!

As a result, patients all over the place avoid coming into the office out of fear of pain and discomfort. Instead, they stay at home with actual pain and discomfort from dental woes that could be easily mended right here in the office.

Avoiding the Dentist Out of Fear?

Are you one of those people who would rather grin and bear the pain than risk allowing a dentist to work on it? Does the thought of picking up the phone to call our office make you cringe and start panicking?


About a fourth of the American population avoids the dentist for the single reason of fear. That’s a lot of people suffering when there is a perfectly sensible and simple solution right here at Holly Dental Care: dental sedation!

Sedation Makes for an Easy Appointment

If you’re looking for an easy, stress-free dental appointment, you are looking for the benefit of dental sedation. Let’s take a look at a few sedation options we offer here at Holly Dental Care!

Nitrous Oxide – You’re probably familiar with this one: laughing gas! Nitrous oxide allows you to receive immediate relaxation while you’re sitting in our chair. As soon as your appointment is over, the sedation wears away! It’s perfect for light anxiety and easy procedures, like cleanings!

Oral Conscious Sedation – Another sedation option comes in the form of a prescription pill. We will give you the prescription to take at home about an hour before you come in to see us. Once you get here, you’ll already be feeling pretty great (and should have someone else drive you to and from the office!). Oral conscious sedation is stronger, which makes it more ideal for more severe dental fear and complicated procedures.

I.V. Sedation – We are one of only a few dental offices in the area that is certified to offer I.V. sedation. Reserved for complex cases of dental work and/or extreme fear, I.V. sedation can actually put you to sleep during your appointment. This is the ultimum level of relaxation!

Changing Your Future

Sedation is to help you be comfortable during your dental appointments, but it accomplishes something much more important. Sedation can change your future. If fear and anxiety are keeping you away from the office, your smile is suffering! And if your smile is suffering with gum disease and decay, your overall health will soon follow. Gum disease is linked with many, many systemic conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer, etc.

Change your future. Discover this way to get the dental care you need without any of the fear and anxiety that often goes along with it. Contact us today to set up an appointment or consultation where you can learn more about your sedation options. We’ll save a spot on our calendar just for you!

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