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Having a Cavity Filled Just Got Easier

  • September 10, 2014

Does anyone in their right mind love having a cavity filled? We are the dental office, and we don’t enjoy the experience either. However, we know that it is an important procedure that will protect your tooth from further decay. Here at Holly Dental Care, we try to make the entire experience more enjoyable for our patients. It’s never fun, but you can at least be comfortable. We’ve put together a list of three ways we make getting a cavity filled much, much easier!

Laser Scanner – Our laser scanner is about to become your best friend. This amazing tool finds cavities months or even years before we would find them otherwise. The result is that cavities we find are much smaller and easier to treat.

Air Abrasion – The thought of the drill next to your ear is probably enough to make you cringe! We are a drill-free practice. We use air abrasion, which just means that we are able to remove your decayed area with less force, less pain, and no annoying sounds.

Bonded White Fillings – Rather than toss metallic materials over your teeth, we use tooth-colored fillings made from composite bonding material. You will have a long-lasting filling, but no one will know it’s there. You might even forget which tooth your filling is in!

Our patients don’t lie. Patients who are getting small fillings because the cavity was caught super early, and are experience air abrasion rarely need any form of numbing or anesthetic. The experience is pain free, and the end result looks completely natural! Contact us today to learn more about how getting a cavity filled could be the easiest dental experience you’ve ever had!

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