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Have You Considered Mini Dental Implants For Your Tooth Loss Woes?

  • February 15, 2016

Have You Considered Mini Dental Implants For Your Tooth Loss Woes?

Welcome to the Holly Dental Care blog! We are your trusted source for comprehensive dentistry solution in the Holly, Michigan area. What brings you here today?

Are you…

…ashamed of the holes in your smile?

…tired of eating soft foods?

…concerned about your health?

…looking for a way to take back your life?

Then you came to the right place! Our team knows just how painful and embarrassing it can be to walk around missing one or more of your teeth. It only adds insult to injury if you have to get dentures that won’t stay still. This is why we’d love to introduce you to a great solution for adult tooth loss: mini dental implants.

Mini Dental Implants Uncovered

You may not have heard of this tiny dental miracle. But Mini dental implants are very helpful for a lot of our patients, especially folks who have existing dentures that are causing them grief by falling out of place without warning.

If you can relate, these implants will help stabilize your dentures so that you will have fewer sore spots, fewer embarrassing episodes of your teeth slipping when you’re trying to talk with coworkers, break bread with friends, and so forth.

It turns out that our mini dental implants are only about half the size of a standard implant. That means that they are far less invasive to have installed. We put them in right here in the office, and put a connector in their denture so they kind of snap in, sort of like the snaps on a windbreaker, and then the patients can take them in and out, just snap them in and snap them out. It’s as easy as it sounds!

As opposed to standard dental implants, which have certain pre-requisites, our mini dental implants for dentures can be placed for patients who have a thin jawbone since it will not require major oral surgery.

Thus, mini dental implants give us a viable solution for stabilizing your dentures and preserving your jawbone. This gives you a more vibrant look, while allowing you to eat all the foods that keep you healthy. Sounds great, right?

What Is The Process For Getting Mini Implants At HDC?

We make it easy to take back your life. To install our mini dental implants, we simply create a tiny hole in the jawbone and then place the titanium rods. After the implants have had time to sufficiently fuse with your jawbone, we’ll place durable and good-looking dentures.

You can rest assured that the function of our mini dental implants will be tough and dependable, and the treatment will be much more cost-effective than traditional dental implants.

Learn More, Get Started!

We hope that you will be inspired to learn more about mini implants as a solution to your missing teeth. This is a great way to stabilize your lower oral appliance!

Contact us right away to schedule your implant consultation in Holly, MI.

We can’t wait to see you smile again!