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Gum Disease, Diabetes, And Dental Care

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  • May 1, 2017

In the year 2000, 5.6 percent of Michiganders had been told by a health professional that they had diabetes. As of last year, that had risen to 10.7 percent of Michigan residents, according to America’s Health Rankings data.

Why should this matter to a dentist office? Diabetes and gum disease, unfortunately, have a connection. If you have diabetes, you are at a greater risk of having gum disease, too.

If you have diabetes, are considered prediabetic, or know someone with diabetes, then it’s a good idea to learn the signs and symptoms of gum disease, too.

Our dentist office in Holly, MI, also wants you to know that we are here to help prevent and treat gum disease. To make an appointment, contact us online or call 877-321-1933.

Take a moment today to read about the signs of periodontal disease and what our team at Holly Dental Care can do to help.


Gum Health And Diabetes

The connection between diabetes and gum disease goes both ways, according to the American Academy of Periodontology.

As we mentioned about, people who have diabetes are known to have a higher risk of periodontal problems. The reason isn’t completely clear, although health researchers have some hypotheses.

One known risk is that people with diabetes are more likely to suffer from dry mouth. When your mouth is dry, that’s better for the bacteria that cause gum disease. And the more of these bacteria you have in your mouth, the more likely they are to cause a gum infection.

On the other side of the coin, people with gum disease can have greater difficulty keeping their blood sugar levels under control. We don’t think we need to explain why that can be a problem for a diabetic.

The point is, keeping your diabetes under control is better for your oral health, and practicing good oral health may make it easier to control your diabetes.


The Progression Of Gum Disease

Most people will have gum disease during their lives. It’s in your best interest to know what to watch for, whether you have diabetes or not.

It’s important to point out that pain is usually not one of the early signs of gum disease. As a result, it can develop in your mouth for a while before you realize there is a problem. That’s also why we encourage you to learn about the stages of gum disease.


Gingivitis is the mild form of gum disease. At this stage, a few things may happen.

Your gums may appear redder than usual. Your gums also may appear swollen or puffy.

You also may bleed when flossing or brushing your teeth. Healthy gums don’t bleed, generally, so you should take bleeding as a sign to floss more often.


If you do nothing about your gingivitis, it can lead to periodontitis.

During this stage, your gums may begin to recede or separate from your teeth. This creates an opportunity for plaque and tartar to form around the roots of your teeth. 

Extra flossing probably won’t be enough to clean out the plaque at this point, which means you should contact our dentist office in Holly, MI, for help.

Coincidentally, this also can increase your likelihood of needing a root canal treatment.

Advanced periodontitis

By this point, your gums may feel tender or sore. You may feel pain while you are eating.

As your gums continue to recede, the bacteria causing your gum infection may start to damage your jawbone as well. This can lead to your teeth feeling loose in addition to the other problems mentioned above.


Gum Disease Treatment

When you notice the symptoms of gum disease, your best move is to contact Holly Dental Care as soon as possible. Our dental professionals can provide the treatment that you need to get rid of the infected tissue.

We also can discuss treatment options. Scaling and root planing is a technique to remove the bacteria, plaque, and tartar from the roots of your teeth. Antibiotics can help kill any remaining bacteria and reduce your risk of them coming in the short term.

In the long term, we will be happy to discuss home hygiene changes you may want to make. We also will encourage you to make regular appointments for professional dental cleanings. This can help prevent gum disease from taking hold. This also gives us an opportunity to catch gum disease in the early stages, when it is easier to treat.


Control Your Diabetes, Fight Gum Disease

Your oral health affects your overall health, and vice versa.

If you think you may need gum disease treatment, call 877-321-1933 or contact Holly Dental Care online. You also should make an appointment if you have not yet scheduled your next preventive dental cleaning.