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Get Straight Teeth in Six Months!

  • June 4, 2014

More and more adults are getting their teeth straightened at the dentist. If you’ve always wanted a great smile but hated the thought of wearing metal braces for years, your Holly, MI dentist has the answer to your problems: Six Month Smiles.


What is Six Month Smiles?


Traditional orthodontic treatment is a full-time commitment. You have to wear braces for about 1-2 years or more. But what if your dentist told you that you can get straight, even teeth in as little as six months? Dr. Hunter has brought the revolutionary Six Month Smiles system to Holly, MI to help adults get their dream smiles quickly and without tedious metal braces.


Six Month Smiles is an accelerated teeth straightening system that can straighten your teeth in just six months on average. The system combines the proven effectiveness of metal braces with the aesthetic benefits of clear aligners. Your dentist will use clear brackets and tooth-colored titanium wires to move the front teeth slowly to the best position.


How it Works


How can you get straight teeth this quick? The key is targeted force. Instead of correcting bite problems, the Six Month Smiles method works by moving only the front teeth or teeth that show when you smile. It’s more of a cosmetic procedure than intensive orthodontic treatment, and is ideal if you have crooked front teeth but good bite in the back. In some cases, Six Month Smiles works even better than regular braces, and with significantly less discomfort!


Get started on the road to straight teeth! Schedule a Six Month Smiles consultation with your Holly, MI dentist today by calling 877-321-1933.

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