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Get A Better Smile Without The Wait

  • June 22, 2016

Welcome back to our oral health blog! If you are upset about the shape, spacing, or placement of your teeth, and you live in Michigan, we can help you get a more perfect smile with one of our adult orthodontic solutions.

We can almost hear the grumbling that came after you read the word “orthodontic.” But don’t worry, we aren’t recommending the sort of treatment that you were appalled by back in middle school. Your options have greatly improved at this dentists’ office!

In fact, we are currently featuring a forward-looking program perfect for shifting adult teeth. It’s known as Six Month Smiles. Can you guess why it is called that?

You guessed it! The timetable for this treatment is much shorter than the 2-3 years you can expect to endure with regular old braces. That’s why it is awesome to consider that in only a matter of months, you will be able to solve the problems that have been bothering you all of your life.

Keep reading to learn more, and then get in-touch to schedule your consultation at Holly Dental Care!

Six Month Smiles Sounds Better

Crooked teeth are not an exclusive problem of teenagers. More and more adults, working professionals, college students and parents are seeing are coming to Holly Dental Care hoping to get straighter, more even teeth.

The good news is that, as we already alluded to, modern orthodontic solutions can be quick and decidedly discreet. The fact is that short-term orthodontics are now able to improve your smile in a fraction of the time it used to take while drawing zero attention to your problems.

But how does the magic happen?

Six Month Smiles relies on virtually invisible brackets and tooth-colored wires to gently and quickly move your teeth into more ideal positions, ensuring that no one will be able to see any evidence of your treatment along the way. The secret is targeted force. The Six Month Smiles system focuses on your “smile line” or just the teeth that show when you smile.

We’ve had some great experiences with it. Plus, we’ve had some very happy patients when we’re finished with the treatments.

Keep in mind that this generally isn’t anything that’s suitable for young folks, because children really need to be treated idealistically, whereas adults deserve to be treated realistically.

The reality is that, in most cases, we aren’t correcting major bite discrepancies in adults like you would do for a teenager. This is because usually, by the time you are an adult, you are making due with your bite just fine.

Get Yourself A Better Smile Now!

Six Month Smiles is an easy and affordable to improve your smile and your life!

To kickstart the process, you will just need to schedule your consultation with our team. While you are here, we will figure out together if this treatment is best for you and we will go over the process in more detail. So, contact Holly Dental Care today!