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Four Unusual Ways to Protect Your Smile

  • July 7, 2015

By now, it is probably safe to assume that you know the basics of home oral health care. You have likely been told to brush and floss your teeth twice a day since before you were in kindergarten. Of course, it is very important that you do so, but there are also other things you can be doing to protect your oral health.

Here at Holly Dental Care, we want to give the fine people of Holly, MI every advantage when it come to taking care of your smile. Sometimes that means coming into our office for a professional cleaning, sometimes that means having some serious dental work done. But in this blog, we want to focus on things you can do between dental visits, especially dental care techniques that fall outside the realm of typical oral hygiene.

Things You Can Do to Protect Your Oral Health

Drink Green Tea – This popular drink has been touted for its health benefits for centuries, but now there is research to back up those claims. Recents studies have shown that green tea has properties that make it behave like an anti-bacterial, as well as an anti-inflammatory.

These properties make green tea wonderful at preventing tooth decay and gum disease, both of which are caused by bacteria, and it is also good at treating the symptoms by reducing inflammation.

Drink Through a Straw – While it is better to not drink soda at all, neither sugar filled nor diet, if you choose to do so, drinking through a straw will minimize the direct contact your teeth have with the sugar and acid.

The key word here is minimize. Drinking through a straw will not eliminate the danger soda presents to your teeth. Your back teeth are especially likely to still be exposed to the sugar and acid. So do not use a straw as an excuse to forgo your regular oral hygiene routines.

Also, drinking red wine through a straw, though somewhat unconventional, reduces the teeth staining effects of the drink.

Clean Your Tongue – As we’ve mentioned, the importance of brushing and flossing is common knowledge these. But are you scrubbing your tongue? The bacteria and food particle that get brushed off of your teeth often land on your tongue, where they will hide out, just waiting to wreak havoc in your mouth, unless you get rid of them.

Whenever you brush your teeth, make sure to brush your tongue, too. If the sensation is too uncomfortable for you, you can run a length of dental floss across the top of your tongue instead. The important thing is you that tongue clean.

Eat Raw Onions – Eating raw onions may not be the best idea for meeting new people, but it great for your teeth. Similar to green tea, onions are loaded with antibacterials and anti-inflammatories that fight both gum disease and tooth decay.

Bad breath is certainly a concern when it comes to eating raw onions, but chewing fresh mint will help eliminate unpleasant odors.

Regular Visits to Holly Dental Care

Even if you go above and beyond with your home dental care, you still need the expertise of a dental professional. Visit our office in Holly, MI, and we will go above and beyond to make sure your teeth are healthy, strong, and beautiful.

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