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Fluoride Treatments Can Save Your Smile

  • January 9, 2016

Fluoride Treatments From Holly Dental Care Can Save Your Smile

Thanks for stopping by the virtual home of Holly Dental Care. We are proud to be your dentist of choice in Holly, MI. Our mission is twofold: to keep your mouth fresh and clean, and to keep your smile looking its best all through the years.

With a new year upon us, everyone is thinking about re-setting their habits and living healthier lives. And so, with today’s blogpost, we decided to talk about helping you achieve a higher level of wellness through preventive dentistry. In the end, this is what will keep gum disease and tooth decay from gaining a foothold. And although it is essential to have good hygiene practices in-place at home, in order to further prevent gum disease and cavities, it helps to have a good dentist on your side with preventative offerings such as fluoride treatments.

Fluoride Improves Oral Health For All Ages

Did you know that, as bacteria gathers on your teeth, it forms a clingy film known as plaque? It certainly does! The dangerous bacteria in plaque feeds on sugar from your food and changes it into acid that corrodes your tooth enamel and causes decay. This is how cavities form, and if they are not treated, you could be facing unpleasant problems like root canals and extractions.

Beyond that, if the bacteria should ever slip below the gumline, you could be confronted with gingivitis and periodontal disease, two forms of gum disease that have nasty consequences for your mouth and perhaps your entire body, if it is left untreated.

The good news is that, fluoride is pretty effective at pulling the plug on this process.

It used to be thought that fluoride worked primarily by strengthening teeth while they were still young and in development. Accordingly, children were often main the focus of fluoridation efforts. however, more recent studies have indicated that topical fluoride — the kind in fluoride treatments — helps fight disease and decay for folks of any age.

As it happens, fluoride actually forms its own protective film on your teeth. This film derails the bacteria’s efforts to stick together, which makes it nearly impossible for plaque to gain a stronghold on your teeth.

Moreover, fluoride can even slow the conversion of sugar into acid, buying you some time to fight off the bacteria. And it aids in a process known as remineralization, wherein your body uses calcium to replace the minerals lost from the early stages of tooth decay. Pretty cool, right?

Plus, fluoride that is ingested helps children’s teeth to build strong enamel. This allows them to avoid many would-have-been cavities and subsequent dental fillings.

Ultimately, fluoride protects your teeth and helps repair minor damage. Thus, it should be a regular part of your oral hygiene routine! Luckily, it is easy to obtain in modern society. Most communities have fluoride-fortified public tap water. And, at Holly Dental Care, we have fluoride treatments and other preventive options so that you can better protect your teeth. So, don’t hesitate to ask what more we can do for you.

Learn More And Take The Next Step!

As we have shown, fluoride is a natural compound that prevents tooth decay, strengthens teeth, and reduces oversensitivity. We are here to be your partner in oral health. So, don’t put off the protection that is so easy to get from us!

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