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Fluoride Treatments Are Easy In Holly, MI

Rand Hunter - Holly, MI Dentist - Holly Dental Care
  • May 22, 2016

Welcome to the Holly Dental Care blog!

We are so glad that you discovered our online home. This platform is part of our community education program. The way we see it, the more you know about the world of dentistry, the healthier your mouth will remain. Hopefully we will see your smiling face in one of our chairs, sooner than later!

What separates us from the other dentists in the Holly, Michigan area is not just that we do good work. Many dentists are trained to do good work.

But around here, we are willing to go the extra mile to try to take care of our patients. That’s why we purposely keep very convenient hours for our patients, including availability on evenings and Saturdays.

Unlike some other dentists, we realize that you can’t be taking off work all the time to come in and get your dentistry services performed. We want to be here for you when it is easiest for you to come in.

Beyond that, we want to give you more than just the basic preventive care. Sure, we have comprehensive exams and thorough cleanings but we also offer sealants and fluoride treatments designed to boost your oral health.

Keep reading to hear more about fluoride, and then be sure to get in-touch with our team to set-up your next visit!

Fluoride Is A Must-Have

We used to think that fluoride worked primarily by strengthening teeth while kids were still young and developing. So, children were often the primary focus of fluoridation efforts.

That wasn’t wrong. Fluoride does work really well on young teeth. But in recent years, however, research has shown that topical fluoride — the kind in the fluoride treatments we provide — also helps fight disease and decay for patients of all ages. That means we can effectively help parents and children alike.

You see, fluoride is a must-have because it forms an important film on your teeth. This film thwarts any attempts that bacteria makes to infect your teeth. And this film makes it nearly impossible for plaque to gain any momentum.

Moreover, fluoride can even slow the conversion of (cavity-causing) sugar into acid, buying you some time to further fight off the bacteria. And it aids in a process known as remineralization, wherein your body uses calcium to replace the minerals lost from the early stages of tooth decay.

Fluoride protects your teeth and helps repair minor damage. Fluoride which is ingested helps children’s teeth to build strong enamel. This allows them to avoid many would-have-been cavities and subsequent dental fillings.

Lucky for you, here at Holly Dental Care, we have fluoride treatments and other preventive options so that you can better protect your children’s teeth as well as your own.

Call For Your Fluoride Treatment Today!

We love teaching families about the importance of proper oral health care and about how regular dental visits can create healthy smiles that last a lifetime. Contact us now to schedule your next preventive dentistry appointment at Holly Dental Care of Holly, MI.

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