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Five Ways to Make Brushing More Fun!

  • May 19, 2015

Holly Dental Care provides quality dental care for the whole family, so we know that it can be hard to get your kids excited about taking care of their teeth. Here are some ideas to get the young ones in your life up and brushing with no trouble at all.

Play Music

A fun song is a helpful tool when it comes to getting your kids to do something they don’t really want to do. As a matter of fact, listening to music is a good way to get anybody to do something that’s not very fun. Just think about how many people you see working out with earbuds in, or blasting a song while stuck in traffic. The same thing will work when comes to getting your kids excited about brushing.

Pick a song that has a strong, somewhat uptempo beat. That way your children can brush in time with the song, but make sure they are getting all their teeth, front and back. Another benefit to playing a song for your to brush along to is that it works as a timer, as well. Most pop songs are two or three minutes long, which is just the right amount of time they need to be brushing.

And make sure they don’t forget about their tongues! A dirty tongue can cause tooth decay, so it is important to keep it clean. If they find brushing their tongues uncomfortable, make sure they are brushing it from side to side, and not front to back.

Make It a Game

One way to make home dental care exciting for your kids is to incorporate other activities. If you take something mundane and boring, like tooth brushing, and add something silly to the mix, what used to be a chore is now a game.

For example, have your kids pretend to be their favorite animals when that brush. How does a gorilla brush? What about a flamingo? Your kids can use their imaginations and have fun acting silly while they brush. Or you can make it a guessing game. Let them mime their favorite animal while they brush, and you get to guess what it is. Anything that will help your kids associate taking care of their teeth with a silly good time, will help you teach them healthy habits.

You can also try color coding their brushes. Buy several different brushes of various colors and have your children choose a color to match their mood. This will make home dental care more interesting, while also providing a healthy avenue for communication about emotions.

Read While They Brush

You are very likely already reading to your kids every night before they go to bed, so why not have them brush their teeth while they listen? By combining two healthy habits, tooth care and reading, you not only establish healthy routines for your children, you also save time!

For younger kids you could read something short, like Dr. Suess or some poems by Shel Silverstein. For older kids, you can read something longer, one chapter at a time. This will have your kids begging to brush because they know to get the next chapter of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire they’ll have to brush those teeth.

Offer a Reward

Home dental care presents an excellent opportunity to teach your kids about rewards and consequences, which is something children have a hard time understanding. Kids have a hard time grasping the importance of brushing their teeth now to keep them longer. So, it might be helpful to attach so other reward system to brushing.

This does not mean you need to “pay” your children for brushing, since paying your children for something they need to be doing anyway may not be a road you want to go down. But establishing some sort of reward system for kids, especially younger kids, could very simple, yet help tremendously. For example, you could keep a chart of things your kids need to do in order to earn a reward. It could be a toy, a trip to the zoo, or time playing video games. The point is your kids will learn to associate getting things that they like from healthy habits.

Brush Together

Whatever technique, or combination of techniques, you choose, you will find the greatest results when your whole family brushes together. Healthy modeling is the best way for your children to learn healthy behavior. Look at brushing as a time to have fun with your kids while showing them the importance of healthy oral hygiene.

Don’t forget to bring your kids in to Holly Dental Care for regular cleanings and examinations. Regular dental visits at an early age will lessen the likelihood that your children will develop dental anxiety later in life.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment for your children and get them started on a healthy home tooth care routine.

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