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Do Baby Teeth Really Matter?

  • May 10, 2015

Kids are lucky. They have parents to buy them food and toys. They have grandparents to take them to the zoo. They have cousins to play with.

And they get a second set of teeth!

Wouldn’t be great if we could just have a new tooth come in when an old one fell out, like sharks do. You wouldn’t even have to take care of your teeth because you have a set replacement teeth right behind them.

But that is not the case. Dental care is important for everyone with teeth. Even baby teeth.

At Holly Dental Care family dental care includes every member of the family. Children need to establish strong oral hygiene habits at an early age, and the health of baby teeth affects the health of your child in general. Our office in Holly, MI can help you keep your children’s baby teeth healthy until the permanent ones come in.

The Problem with Decay

Tooth decay is more than just an oral health issue. The health of your teeth affects the health of your whole body. Teeth that succumb to severe decay can become infected. An infection in your child’s mouth can affect his eating habits. Overly processed, soft foods are easier to chew, but nowhere near as good for your child as foods that are high in fiber, but harder to chew. Also, infections spread. What starts in the mouth can move throughout the body, especially if it spreads to the bloodstream. This can cause serious illness.

Decay can also lead to premature tooth loss. The baby teeth help guide the permanent teeth into place, so if your child loses teeth too soon to decay, they will be more likely to have crooked teeth later in life.

The Issue of Alignment

Just like premature tooth loss is a problem, a tooth that refuses to come loose is a problem, as well. If a permanent tooth starts coming in and the baby tooth is still there, it could shift direction and break through in front of or behind the baby tooth. This could cause some serious alignment issues.

If your child has a stubborn baby tooth, bring her into Holly Dental Care so we can assess the situation. The permanent tooth may find its way into place on its own once the baby tooth is gone, but it is something you’ll want to keep an eye on.

The Benefits of Routine

The most important thing for children concerning their oral health is that they learn healthy brushing and flossing habits. It can be hard to get your children to take care of their teeth, but if you instill the value of dental care in them at a young age, they will carry it throughout their lives and have fewer dental issues as adults.

Contact Us Today

Regular visits to Holly Dental Care will ensure that your children’s teeth will stay healthy and strong. They will receive professional cleanings and examinations to keep their teeth looking good, and to make sure no dental issues are developing.

If you start bringing your children to our office in Holly, MI at an early age, even before they have teeth, they will be less likely to have fear and anxiety about dental visits.

Call us today to make an appointment for your child!

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