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Dentures or Implants? Part 1

  • August 17, 2015

Here at Holly Dental Care, we see patients all the time who are looking for the best tooth replacement options. Sometimes, we see patients who aren’t even looking because they don’t realize how important it is to replace their missing teeth! On a regular basis, we see others who thought their toothless situation was hopeless, that they didn’t have the resources – or didn’t even know about the resources available to them – to get them smiling full and big again. When it comes to making the decision to restore their smile, they have a lot of questions … and misconceptions.

If you’re considering how to replace your missing teeth in Holly, WI, Dr. Rand Hunter and Dr. Marie Hunter want to clear up some confusion for you today. Specifically, we want to share some information and advice about dental implants and dentures. If you have a loved one who is looking for tooth replacement options, do them a favor and pass this along!

Let’s get started!

Implants are permanent, but dentures have to be replaced.

This is actually true. If you’ve heard that implants can last a lifetime, it’s no myth! If you have been wearing dentures for years, chances are you’ve had to replace them or will need to in the near future. But just why are implants a long-term solution and dentures aren’t? It all comes down to the root of the problem – literally!

Dentures are made of acrylic teeth that are attached to a gum-colored base. Traditional full dentures replace all your teeth, while partial dentures replace a series of missing teeth. They’re held in place by suction and adhesive, so there is nothing under your gums to keep them stabilized permanently. Although they can last for a few years, they eventually will stop fitting as well and have to get replaced. This is because when you lose a tooth, your bone underneath and your gums continue to shrink as time passes. Also, the dentures can become worn, broken, or lost.

Implants, which are a small titanium screw, actually replace your entire tooth root. (Listen to Dr. Marie talk about that here.) Because of their durable material and the strong foundation created by the post integrating with your own jawbone, implants are a permanent tooth replacement option. With proper care, they can give you a proud smile for a lifetime.

Dentures are messy and uncomfortable, but implants feel just like your teeth.

This is true. Even though some dentists are skilled at creating well-fitting dentures, it doesn’t change the fact that dentures are removable and therefore can slip and slide around in your mouth. To your humiliation, they can slip out while your eating or talking! (Ever see that in a movie?) Worse, to keep them from moving, you will need to use denture adhesive, which can be messy or bad tasting.

Aside from moving around, they also can be uncomfortable: first, when you have to get used to wearing them, and second, as your bone and gums continue to shrink and cause the dentures to stop fitting well.

Implants, on the other hand, are made from a biocompatible material that naturally fuses with your bone. Once your mouth has healed from the process, you won’t know the difference! And the crown we place on top will feel just like your natural tooth.

Implants are more expensive than dentures.

This is a common misconception for implants. Here’s why. Implants cost more up front than dentures, especially if you’re missing all or most of your teeth. But as we’ve already said, implants can last a lifetime, so we tell our patients to consider them an investment. You will have to replace your dentures every few years, and that can add up! You will not have to replace your implants, however, as long as you practice good oral hygiene.

If you still think you can’t afford implants, talk to Dr. Hunter about the cost of implants at our Holly, MI dentist office. We have many financing options that can make paying for your beautiful smile easier than you could have ever imagined!

When you come here for an appointment, you can ask about our mini implants and dentures secured with implants! Instead of placing several implants, each topped with a crown, we can use a few mini implants and secure your dentures on top! Dr. Rand talks about this in a video.

See Our Implant Dentists for the Best Tooth Replacement Options

If you are looking for the best tooth replacement option, we hope that you will consider the durability, comfortability, and financing options when making your choice. For more information on your options, contact our implant experts today to set up a consultation! Then, check back in next time as we clear up more facts about implants and dentures.