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Dental Technology for Health and Beauty

  • April 20, 2015

In our last blog we wrote about the importance of a good looking smile for feeling great and enjoying Spring to the fullest. But a healthy smile offers more than just cosmetic benefits, it can also improve your health, both oral and overall.

At Holly Dental Care we want to make sure you feel great, as well as look great, and unhealthy teeth can affect both. If your teeth are giving you trouble, come to our office in Holly, MI and let us take care you. We have the experience, skills, and technology to give you a quality dental care experience.

Tooth Replacement.

Missing teeth can be a real problem. Your back teeth, or molars, are necessary to chew and mash healthly foods that are high in fiber. When you lose those teeth, eating becomes more difficult. Overly processed foods are often softer and easier to chew, but they are also bad for you. These foods are often high in unhealthy fats, salt, and sugar, which means they can cause all sorts of health problems, like obesity, malnutrition, and diabetes. Not to mention, these foods are also bad for your teeth, causing a vicious cycle of health problems.

Your front teeth are used for biting, but they also create the beautiful smile you want everyone to see. Missing front teeth often makes you less likely to smile, and people who smile less have more difficulty in social situations, and often come across as awkward or unfriendly when they are not. This has a drastic effect on your mood, which in turn, has an effect on your health. Often times, people who are happier are healthier.

So, replacing a missing tooth is not just a matter of good cosmetic dentistry, it is a matter of good health.

Dental Implants.

At Holly Dental Care we can fill those gaps in your smile with a dental implant. Implants can be used to replace one tooth or several, and they anchor to your bone. This means the implant acts as a brand new tooth.


If you suffer from bone loss, traditional implants might not work for you because there may not be enough bone to anchor the titanium implant post. These work the same way as regular implants, but they need less bone to anchor to.

No matter what your situation, Holly Smile Care can replace your missing teeth and have you smiling proudly again!

Using Technology to Restore Your Smile.

Using the most up to date dental technology allows us to provide Holly, MI with quality dental care to keep them happy about their smiles and feeling great about their health.

Digital X-Rays

We use low-radiation digital x-rays that not only give us a more accurate and detailed image of your teeth, they use only a fraction of the radiation as traditional x-rays and are much quicker. Plus, since they are stored on a digital file, they are easy to share.

Laser Cavity Detection

DIAGNOdent laser cavity detection is a technique that uses a device similar to a laser pointer to identify even the smallest of tooth fractures and decay, more than an x-ray or visual exam can.

Drill Free Dentistry

Wouldn’t it be great to have a cavity fixed without hearing that tell-tale buzz of a drill, or feeling the vibrations that all the numbing in the world can’t hide.

You can!

Air Abrasion technology allows us to remove decay from your tooth without using a drill! Instead, a concentrated stream of air will use particles to remove the decay area.

Every Smile is Personal.

Of course, not everyone has the same issues when it comes to dental care and smile restoration. So, when you come to Holly Dental Care our friendly and caring staff will perform an examination to assess your needs, and then offer a consultation to help you decide which procedure will give you the smile you want on a budget you can afford.

Make an appointment today. Contact us now.


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