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Dental Implants Can Change Your Life

  • September 17, 2015

Dental Implants Can Change Your Life

Welcome back to our ongoing dental health blog!

At Holly Dental Care, our team delivers convenient and comprehensive dental care to the families of Holly, Michigan.

In our office on North Saginaw Street, we offer preventive care, children’s dentistry, and loads of cosmetic smile enhancements.

We are also acutely aware that there are many folks out there who have suffered tooth loss as an adult.

This can be an embarrassing situation and it could adversely affect your health if left untreated.

Tooth loss is an important matter that you will want to address as soon as possible.

That’s why we are pleased to offer dental implant surgery.

This is a two-step cosmetic procedure that can help you restore the functionality and appearance of your smile in the wake of your tooth loss ordeal.

Healthy Smiles Are Related To A Healthy Life

Did you know that the state of affairs in your mouth can predict or alert medical professionals to bigger concerns elsewhere in your body?

True story.

What’s more, there is actually a link between periodontal disease and diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.

Still, there is a more basic way in which the proper functioning of your mouth relates to your overall well being.

This is through your ability to eat!

When you have a full set of teeth you can eat healthy foods that are rich in fiber.
Fiber is one thing you ought not to go without for very long.

This is because fiber helps with digestion.

It also plays a role in regulating your blood sugar.

Experts tell us that fiber is a good way to ensure a healthy heart.

Plus, fiber helps you keep your weight under control and diminishes your risks of having a stroke.

You get the picture!

Still, you might be wondering what in the world this has to do with tooth loss.

You see, it’s quite simple actually.

When you begin to find that your teeth have jumped ship, you’ll also find it hard if not impossible to chew on the sort of foods that are high in fiber.

If you are forced to ditch these enriching meals in favor of something that’s easier to get down, you will likely see an immediate decrease in health benefits that you previously took for granted.

You might start to pack on extra pounds, experience problems with hemorrhoids, and endure all kinds of other unpleasantries.

Tooth Loss Takes Its Toll On Your Appearance

If you lose teeth towards the back of your mouth, your cheeks will collapse and you will look like you are much older than you actually are.

Unless, of course, you are already very, very old!

Just kidding.

But you get the idea.

We all know what tooth loss in the front of your mouth will look like.
And you can bet that having big holes in your smile won’t go unnoticed by your friends, family, and peers.

The bottom line is that you have already suffered enough by losing teeth, don’t add any unnecessary insult to injury.

With dental implants from Holly Dental Care, you can greatly improve your health and reconfigure your smile with a minimal investment of time.

How Do Implants Work?

If you are missing teeth, you know just how difficult it can be to eat, speak and laugh without feeling discomfort.

Even our friends who wear removable dentures often complain of trouble eating the foods they love.

For comfort, function and reliability, nothing comes close to dental implants for matching the feel of your natural teeth.

Dental implants are surgically inserted over the course of two pain-free visits to our Holly Dental Care office.

Initially, a small titanium post will be placed into your jaw to act as a “root.”

This will create the necessary support for a prosthetic tooth, a crown really, that will be attached after the post has completed fusing with your bone.

Soon you’ll be biting like before and you won’t have to worry about any self-imposed dietary restrictions dragging your health down.

Plus, when we are finished, you will have a beautiful smile and an uplifted facial structure that will give you a renewed sense of self-confidence.

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