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Coffee and Red Wine: Stop the Stains

  • May 15, 2015

Have you ever looked in the mirror and wondered why your smile wasn’t as bright as it used to be. You don’t have cavities. Your teeth are straight. No chipped or broken teeth. It’s just that your teeth are dull.

This could be due to what you are drinking. If you like coffee or red wine, and drink them on a regular basis, that might be why your smile lacks the luster it used to have. At Holly Dental Care we want everyone in Holly, MI smiling brightly and showing off their teeth. And drinking coffee and red wine doesn’t have to stop you from doing that.


Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the country. At one time it was just something your dad drank before going to work in the morning, but now there are coffee bars all over the country, serving coffee to customers of all ages. You have to be careful, though, because regular coffee drinking can be a big tooth stainer.

Dark pigments stain your enamel.

Even though the surface of your teeth looks and feels smooth, it is actually covered with microscopic pits. coffee contains dark pigments, and when you drink it, the pigments get trapped in the pits. This is how coffee stains your teeth, turning them a dull yellow.

Coffee may fight cavities.

The jury is still out on the effect coffee drinking has on tooth decay. On one hand, some recent studies have shown that roasted coffee beans repel the bacteria that cause tooth decay. On the other hand, coffee is acidic, and acid weakens tooth enamel, making your teeth more vulnerable to bacteria and more likely to stain.

It is worth noting that even if coffee does fight tooth decay, that it only works if the coffee contains no cream or sweeteners. So unless you take your coffee black, no sugar, you are not really getting any benefits.

Red Wine

Drinking wine has become very popular over the past few years, and red wine in particular, is recommended, in moderation, as a part of a heart healthy diet. It is also up there with coffee as one of the biggest tooth stainers.

High acid content weakens enamel.

Red wine not only has dark pigments, it also has a lot of acid, which, as we mentioned above, weakens enamel. this makes your teeth more susceptible to staining.

Drink wine with a meal.

Eating increase your mouth’s production of saliva, and saliva neutralizes the acid in red wine. Saliva also contains bacteria fighting properties, so eating while drinking red wine will help protect your teeth from stains and tooth decay.

Fight Stains and Cavities

You don’t have to give up coffee and red wine to protect your smile. Just exercise some moderation and practice the following routines.

Healthy Home Hygiene

Brushing and flossing should but a part of everyone’s dental health routine, but it is especially important to do if you are a regular coffee or wine drinker. However, you want to avoid brushing directly after consuming either of these high acid beverages. Since the acid in coffee and in red wine weakens enamel, brushing directly after drinking them could actually strip the enamel away, causing serious damage to your teeth.

Drink lots of water.

Drinking lots of water throughout the day, and immediately after drinking coffee or wine, is probably the most important thing you can do to protect your teeth from staining and decay. The water will not only wash away bacteria and pigments sticking to your teeth, it will dilute the acid from the drinks and decrease the likelihood of damage to your enamel.

Staying hydrated will also help your body produce saliva, which as we mentioned, protects your teeth from decay.

What We Can Do

Regular visits to Holly Dental Care will also help keep your smile healthy. We can give your teeth the deep cleaning they need to stay white, and we will also remove plaque and tartar from between your teeth, which will help guard against tooth decay.

If your teeth have already been stained by coffee or red wine, it’s not too late to get your smile back. At our office in Holly, MI, we offer Lumibrite same day whitening, a teeth whitening procedure with immediate results. And for deeply stained teeth, we offer the KoR Whitening Deep Bleaching System, which starts with an in-office treatment, and then continues with whitening trays at home.

Whatever your situation, there is no reason the be unhappy with your smile. Contact us today to make an appointment. We will get you on your way to the smile you want and deserve.

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