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Bring Back Your Smile With Dental Implants

Dental Implants 2 in Holly, MI | Holly Dental Care
  • May 16, 2017

You are missing a few teeth. Maybe you are just missing a single tooth.

You really don’t want to lose anymore, and you know that replacing your lost teeth or tooth will help. You could get a dental bridge, but is that really enough?

Talk to one of our dentists in Holly, MI, about what dental implants could do for your teeth replacements.

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What Are Dental Implants?

The simple description is that dental implants are prosthetic roots. Just like someone might have a prosthetic hand or foot, implants are used to replace the roots of missing teeth.

Unlike those other prosthetics, however, other people should not be able to see your dental implants when they are doing their job.

Like your natural roots, implants are placed into your jawbone. They act as an anchor for your replacement teeth. This could mean a dental bridge if you are missing a few teeth. It could mean supporting a dental crown if you are missing a single tooth.

(Dental implants also can be used to support a full set of dentures, but that’s for another post.)


What Are The Benefits Of Dental Implants?

First, they serve as anchors to secure your teeth replacements. This adds stability to the bridge or crown, but it does more than that. It also improves the function of your replacement.

You can feel confident that your bridge or crown will stay in place when you are eating when it’s attached to a dental implant or implants.

Second, having dental implants can reduce your risk of further tooth loss. Losing teeth can be the start of a slow chain reaction.

When you have all your teeth, you may not be aware that your teeth move every day. The neighboring teeth push back, and the mutual support they provide one another keeps everything in relatively the same place a vast majority of the time.

If you have a gap in your smile, the teeth closest to it may begin to drift into that space. This can make those teeth more likely to fall out, which can make the gap a little bigger. And so it goes.

If you have an implant-supported bridge or crown in that space, you have something that provides support similar to a real tooth. And that can help keep your remaining natural teeth where they are supposed to be.

Third, dental implants are good for your jaw.

Your roots and your jawbone have a mutually beneficial relationship. Your jawbone holds your roots in place. And your roots provide stimulation that encourages new bone growth, which keeps your jaw healthy.

Without roots, your jaw will not get that stimulation, and it will begin to shrink. This is most apparent in people who are missing all their teeth. That’s why their mouths can have a sort of “sucked in” appearance.

By replacing your roots with dental implants, you have a way to continue stimulating your jawbone. This causes new tissue creation, and that helps your jaw maintain its shape and size.


Taking Care Of Your Dental Implants

Dental implants can last a lifetime with proper care. You may have some “fake” teeth, but you still need to keep your mouth healthy to keep them in place.

One of the biggest threats to dental implants is gum disease. This makes your daily flossing (and regular dental check-ups) that much more important.

Healthy gums should feel firm and look pink. In the early stages of gum disease, gums may look red or swollen, and they can bleed when you brush or floss.

You will want to floss the nearby teeth and gums just like you always have, but flossing around implants is little different, particularly with dental bridges (and dentures). In those instances, the floss should be wrapped around the implant. This will allow you to clean it with a motion similar to shining a shoe rather than the up-and-down motion used between teeth.

Of course, you should continue to brush your teeth as well to prevent bacteria and plaque buildup, which can lead to gum disease.

If you get dental implants, our team will explain how to care for them in greater detail. We’ll also be happy to answer any questions you have regarding oral care with implants.


Give Yourself A Reason To Smile Again

We have seen how a missing tooth or teeth can affect our patients. Some become embarrassed or ashamed that this happened. Others become frustrated when this affects the kinds of foods they can eat.

Getting dental implants can bring back your smile and allow you to eat all the foods you love again.

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