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Beware Of Holiday Dental Emergencies In Holly, MI

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  • November 20, 2016

This is such a great time of year to live in Holly, MI. The leaves are brilliant, football is in effect, and folks are gathering with the ones they love. But at Holly Dental Care, we know all too well that this can be a dangerous time for your mouth. Full disclosure: your teeth and gums are always at risk. Accidents can happen fast, and if they are not handled properly, they can be life-altering and not in a good way. There are two bits of encouraging news for you: most dental emergencies are not life-threatening, and our team will be ready to help you work through any dental-related tribulations that come your way.

Keep reading to learn more, and then be sure to get in touch with Holly Dental Care to schedule your next non-emergency checkup!

Lost Tooth

Unfortunately, a tooth can become dislodged pretty much anywhere as the result of an injury or accident. You can minimize your risk by wearing a mouthguard when you are riding a bike or playing any sort of fast action or contact sports.

That said, if a tooth gets knocked out, it will be a painful and traumatic experience. Just remember to stay calm. Your reaction time is critical when attempting to save a lost tooth. If you are able to find the tooth, lift it by the crown rather than the root, lightly rinse it off and place the tooth in milk.

Then you will need to head to Holly Dental Care ASAP! We will do everything we can to save your natural tooth. If need be, we can discuss other options for replacement.

Broken Tooth

With the holidays approaching, there will be many things that lead to a chipped or broken tooth.

Using your teeth as a beer opener or other type of tool can lead to much pain and suffering. Crunching too hard on stuff like ice can also lead to a broken tooth.

The danger in all these things is that, when you chip or break a tooth, you can expose the dentin and dental pulp, putting yourself at risk for a root canal or worse.

Depending on your situation, our team at Holly Dental Care has several treatment options that can restore your tooth to match your natural smile, if you don’t delay.

Self-Inflicted Bites

When you accidentally bite your own tongue, lips, or any other part of your mouth, you will notice that you don’t taste that good, and it really, really hurts!

It is important that you keep your cool and start by cleaning the area that you cut. Also secure some sort of ice pack or cold compress that you can apply.

If the bleeding refuses to stop, then don’t put off calling our office to arrange for treatment.

Your Dental Emergency Is Important To Us!

If you are ever facing a dental emergency, contact us online or call the Holly Dental Care office at 877-321-1933. We set aside time every day for dental emergencies, and our ongoing commitment is to give you competent treatment as quickly as possible. Stay safe, and Happy Holidays from our Holly, MI dentist’s office!