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Better Teeth Without The Wait

  • March 10, 2016

Better Teeth Without The Wait

Hello and welcome to another March edition of our Holly Dental Care blog! We are your source for comprehensive dentistry solutions in the Holly, Michigan area. If you like what you see on our website, we hope that you will give us the opportunity to earn your trust by scheduling your next appointment with us!

Today we’d like to tell the story of what short-term orthodontics (designed for adults) can do for your smile.

When Nicholas showed up in our office for his regular checkup last summer, he confessed that he was rather distraught about the appearance of his teeth. In fact, he was downright embarrassed about laughing, talking, and sharing a meal around others. the whole situation made him feel self-conscious and depressed.

He felt that it had gone on for far too long. And he knew that he had missed an opportunity to do something about it back when he was a teenager. But he wondered what, if anything, could be done now. Like many of our adult patients, he didn’t want to endure the indignity of braces for several years. He wanted to boost the health and the look of his smile, but he wanted the transformation to happen fast, and without too much discomfort.

Fortunately, Nicholas was a good candidate for an adult orthodontic program known as Six Month Smiles. In just a matter of months, he was able to correct the issues that had been annoying him his entire life. He said that he feels more confident, more outgoing, and happier in general since his orthodontic treatment was completed. He is definitely smiling more.

With any luck, this method could do the same thing for you.

Six Month Smiles Makes Teeth Straight Without The Wait

It’s alright if you cringe at the thought of braces now that you are all grown-up. The process of wearing braces has earned a bad reputation, even though this method of treatment has helped millions of Americans improve their lives over the years.

Still, you are never too old to get a better smile. And all we can say is that options have greatly improved at the dentist’s office since the things you saw others go through back in your high school days. Nowadays orthodontic solutions can be fast and discreet.

Truth be told, short-term orthodontics can now improve your situation in the blink of an eye. What used to take 2-3 years now happens in about 180 days for most patients.

Six Month Smiles uses nearly invisible brackets and tooth-colored wires to gently and quickly move your teeth to their proper placements, making sure that no one will know about the construction zone in your mouth!

When you come in for your consultation we will determine if this treatment is right for you and we will go over the process in more detail. What are you waiting for?

Learn More, Get Started!

Six Month Smiles is an easy way for adults to fix unruly teeth. This system is every bit as effective as conventional braces and as subtle as Invisalign trays. And it is a more affordable option!

To start your transformation, contact our Holly Dental Care team today!