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Avoid Fad Diets to Protect Your Teeth

  • June 25, 2015

Hello, Holly, MI! Holly Dental Care is back with another blog to help you take care of your teeth. Maintaining your oral health will ensure that you stay looking and feeling great. But sometimes it’s hard to know how to make the right decisions when it comes to your diet and your oral health. Everything you eat has some effect on your body, for good or for ill, and sometimes for both. That’s the tricky thing about making health choices, something that helps one aspect of your health could hurt another.

Weight loss is the perfect example of something that can be both healthy and dangerous at the same time. With obesity becoming a worldwide epidemic, you should definitely be concerned with maintaining a healthy weight, but how you do so is a question for debate. There is no substitute for a healthy balanced diet and exercise, but many trendy fad diets claim to be shortcuts to your ideal weight.

You really must be wary of any diet that puts unrealistic restrictions on your food choices, or that seem to good to be true as far a discipline goes. Maintaining a healthy diet is not easy,, at least in the beginning, but the only way you will truly reap the health benefits of a balanced diet is to eat a variety of healthy foods in moderation.

Here are a few popular to watch out for:

The Juice Cleanse – This one is popular among movie stars who need to drop a few pounds quickly for a role. One thing’s for sure, if all your meals come the form of a juice or smoothy, you will lose some weight. Whether or not the weight stays off, or if it is healthy is another story. For actors, it doesn’t really matter if the weight stays off because they are fine to go back to their original weight after their movie shoot is over. But if you are approaching this as a permanent weight loss solution, you are going to be in for some disappointment, and you could be putting your oral health at risk.

The main problem with the Juice Cleanse when it comes to your teeth is that there is no chewing involved. In this blog, we are very fond of promoting the oral health benefits inherent in chewing your food. It is one of the ways your mouth cleans itself. With the Juice Cleanse, all the sugar and acid from fruit juice washes over your teeth with no chewing action to generate saliva. Saliva is your mouth’s natural defense against the causes of tooth decay, so without it, your teeth and gums are at risk.

The Raw Food Diet – Here is a classic example of too much of a good thing. The Raw Food Diet dictates that you only eat foods that can be consumed raw, or at the most, lightly steamed. This means your diet will consist almost entirely of fruits, vegetables, and nuts. Similar to the Juice Cleanse, this puts a lot of sugar and acid in contact with your teeth.

The Small Meal Diet – This diet doesn’t so much restrict what you eat as it does how you eat. For this diet you eat several small meals throughout the course of the day. This puts a lot of extra stress on your teeth. Every time you eat a meal, it weakens your enamel and exposes your teeth to the causes of decay. So now, instead of this happening three times a day, it happens several. That is bad news for your oral health.

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