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A Well-Known, Accomplished, & Trusted Dental Office In Holly

  • June 20, 2016

Welcome to another June edition of the Holly Dental Care blog! We are glad you found our online home. If you are looking for a dental office in Holly, MI that is well-known, staffed by accomplished professionals, and trusted by its patients, then look no further!

Our team is equipped to look after your family’s ever-changing needs all through life. But we are also gentle and caring folks who only want what is best for you. You won’t find that kind of approach everywhere you go.

As such, we thought we would depart from our usual health education-type posts and talk a little bit about ourselves today.

Attention Matters

Having an experienced dentist that you can trust will make you feel more at ease about keeping up with your regular checkups and cleanings. That means you are less likely to put off getting the care you need to optimize your oral health.

Besides being nice, we can further eradicate any fear or anxiety that you might have with sedation. Sedation dentistry is something we are happy to offer to our patients who need a little extra help getting comfortable in our office.

The bottom line is that we listen to your needs and we pay attention to all the details that matter!

Everyone Is Family Here

While we don’t bill ourselves as a pediatric office per se, kids are very much a priority at Holly Dental Care! That’s because good habits start young. Plus, whether you realize it or not, dangerous bacteria is already on the loose before your children even get their first tooth.

Most parents have their own ideas when it comes to their children’s care. We’ll leave it up to you. Just know that we can start seeing children around the age of 2. Regardless, we want to get them used to the experience as early as possible.

We try to deliver a fun and relaxing atmosphere for children. We also make sure that your kids grow up without dental fears or anxieties that might inhibit them later in life.

We Think Lectures Are For Professors Not Dentists

At Holly Dental Care, we provide a no-pressure, guilt-free environment to discuss your concerns and needs related to your oral health. We wouldn’t want you to beat yourself up over what is already done. We just want to get you on the good road moving forward.

Less Frightening Technology

The disconcerting sounds and smells of the dental drill have induced anxiety in countless patients of earlier eras. That’s why the dental drill has been banned from use in our office.

In order to provide a more enjoyable dental experience, we’ve invested in the latest and greatest equipment and technologies. Rather than using drills and needles, we accomplish the same things through gentle air abrasion.

Take Back Your Health Today!

Contact us to get back on-track! Call 877-321-1933 to make your next appointment at Holly Dental Care, and we’ll take care of the rest!