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A Guide to At-Home Family Dentistry

  • February 1, 2015

Here at Holly Dental Care, we value every smile that walks through our door. Every smile is someone’s favorite smile, and that makes us really excited to take excellent care of the mouths we see!

One of our favorite things is to watch smiles grow from gummy, slobbery baby smiles all the way up through adulthood. We know that with every appointment, we are caring for YOUR favorite smiles: the smiles of your kids.

You will get great care from us here in the office, but we also want you to be aware that you can do a lot for your kids’ smiles at home! It’s important to know what each of your kids needs at a different point of childhood, so let us give you a glimpse of how those things will change over time!

Prevention at All Ages

Caring for your family’s teeth means providing preventive care. You want to help your children avoid things like cavities and infection, just like you doing for your own smile! The difference is that you know what the consequences of poor oral health are, but your kids don’t fully realize what will happen if they don’t take good care of their teeth.

It’s your job to show them through every stage of childhood!

Dental care for your baby begins before any teeth actually appear! For now, you are caring for those tender gums by keeping them clean. We recommend using a wet cloth to wipe their gums gently during bathtime.

You can even continue this method of “brushing” through the first few teeth. Eventually, you will want to get a small toothbrush or finger brush so that you can clean a little better. When teeth grow in next to each other and begin to touch, you can start using flossers to clean between the teeth.

At some point, you will blink and realize that your baby is not a baby any longer! A toddler reacts to dental care much differently than a baby. A baby will usually let you take care of those teeth without too much of a problem. A toddler, on the other hand, will want to begin to take control!

It’s important that you provide your toddler with opportunities to have control while still ensuring that great dental care is happening. You can do this by modeling how to brush, letting your child pick his own brush and paste, or by taking turns with the toothbrush to keep you both satisfied!

News alert! Your child will continue to grow! It happens very fast, but that toddler quickly turns into a student with LOTS of her own opinions. It takes a little bit of extra effort to keep your students focused on great dental care when they have so many other things going on.

Whether your child is just starting to play elementary basketball or if you have a high school student who participates in everything, you know how hectic life can get with practices, events, and maintaining school work along with family time. There’s a lot on your plate, but you can’t let oral care slip by the wayside.

Work as a family to create a routine that allows everything to get done, including oral hygiene. Your student is now at an age where you can hand over some of the responsibility, but your guidance is needed. Stay present, and keep up the good work!

For every age group, there are fun new things to experience. Be sure that your child is able to maintain a beautiful smile through it all. Let us be a part of that journey with you!

Contact us today to set up a consultation or appointment. We would love to meet with you and your family very soon!

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