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5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Smile

  • August 25, 2015

If you’re looking to improve your smile but are strapped for time, you’re not alone. Many people avoid the dentist because they just don’t have the time to take off work or move around everything in their busy schedule for a dental appointment. If you have kids, then you know how that only adds to your hectic life! Here at Holly Dental Care, Dr. Rand Hunter and Dr. Marie Hunter offer some surprisingly easy ways to get your smile looking better. You’ll be amazed at how simple and quick many of our smile solutions are right here in our Holly, MI dentist office!

One-Hour Teeth Whitening

Have you ever tried to use store-bought teeth whitening and gave up because it took so long to see any difference? If you want a quick but dramatic improvement to your smile, consider our in-office teeth whitening treatments. In one hour, you’ll be able to erase stains from coffee, tea, red wine, soda, tobacco, medications such as tetracycline, genetics, aging, and more! You’ll walk into our office with a dull smile and leave the chair with a dazzling white smile! Your family, coworkers, and friends will notice how your bright smile makes you look healthier and younger, too! Our patients who have special events coming up have loved the results they got from our chairside whitening.

We offer two teeth whitening options: Lumibrite and KoR deep bleaching. Both will whiten your teeth by several shades, with KoR whitening as much as 16 shades or more!

EZ Veneers

Do you wish you had a way to hide some imperfections in your smile, but just assumed you’d have to invest a lot of time and appointments to get a Hollywood-worthy smile? We have just the solution you need! Our EZ Veneers can hide all those flaws that are keeping your smile from looking great, from chips and cracks to stains and gaps between teeth. In just two visits, you’ll have a completely new-looking smile. One visit is for an examination, pictures, and a mold of your teeth for the lab to give you a wax-up to see what your smile will look like. The other is to place the veneers over your teeth! Hear Dr. Marie talk more about them in this video.

Dental Bonding

Cosmetic bonding, also known as composite bonding or dental bonding, is one of the quickest, cheapest ways to reverse smile imperfections. We take a bonding material, match it to your tooth color, and shape it to your tooth that’s cracked, chipped, or stained. We can even use it to help fill in a gap between teeth or fix surface flaws like dents. It’s a good alternative to veneers for people who have one or just a few teeth they want to change.

Six Month Smiles

You might have read this heading and thought, Six months? That’s not quick! If you haven’t heard of this short-term orthodontic treatment before, though, you might be surprised to find out that it can straighten your teeth in only 6 months! Because it focuses on the teeth that show when you smile, Six Months Smiles is an amazing new way to get a straight smile without waiting 2 or 3 years like you would with metal braces.

Dental Sedation
Obviously, this isn’t exactly a dental treatment that can improve your smile. It is a way that you can get longer treatments done much quicker, though! Our sedation options will relax you and can even allow you to doze through your appointment! When you’re relaxed and comfortable, it makes it much easier for us to perform one or more procedures efficiently.

Make an Appointment (It’s Quick and Easy, Too!)

Despite all our easy smile improvements, we’ll never push you out the door or give you substandard results! We take the time you need to give you the high-quality results you want.

If you’ve discovered something here that can get your smile looking great in no time and with no hassle, don’t wait around! Get the smile you want and contact us today! You can call or fill out our convenient online appointment form from your computer or mobile device. Check out our convenient hourshttp://www.hollydentalcare.com/contact-us/make-an-appointment/ that won’t disrupt your busy life.